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Cydia Tweak: TypeRead Sends Read Receipts Only When You Start Typing Back

Cydia Tweak: TypeRead Sends Read Receipts Only When You Start Typing Back

May 22, 2014

Read receipts, which made an appearance in the Messages app once Apple rolled-out its iMessages service, are both a blessing and a curse. Fortunately, one new jailbreak tweak can help iPhone owners out: it's called TypeRead, and you can download it now for $0.99.

The problem with read receipts is that folks are often expected to begin typing a reply to an iMessage immediately after the message has been read. There are times when this isn't convenient practice, however, and TypeRead aims to address this problem.

Once downloaded and installed, TypeRead changes how read receipts work. Instead of sending them as soon as an iMessage has been read, TypeRead instead has read receipts sent once a user begins typing his or her reply.

This way, it looks like a reply has been typed back as soon as the message has been read, meaning you don't lose points with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or needy best friend.

Sneaky? Smart? You decide. To download TypeRead you'll need to shell out $0.99. You can find the new jailbreak tweak on the Cydia Store now.

In related news, folks who've used iMessage aren't advised to ditch iOS for Android. Because if you do, an iMessages bug could cause a lot of trouble for you and your new handset.

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