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SlideCut Is A New Jailbreak Tweak That Brings Clever Keyboard Shortcuts To iOS

SlideCut Is A New Jailbreak Tweak That Brings Clever Keyboard Shortcuts To iOS

May 19, 2014

SlideCut is a smart, new jailbreak tweak that brings a selection of useful and easy-to-access keyboard shortcuts to Apple’s mobile OS.

Not long ago, we told you about both KeyShortcut and KeyShortcut Pro, a pair of jailbreak tweaks that can add a selection of keyboard shortcuts to iOS devices. SlideCut, however, looks more impressive – and it’s also available to download free of charge.

In the package, a wide range of shortcuts can be initiated from the iOS keyboard by sliding up to a specific key from the space bar. For example, sliding up to “x,” “c,” “v,” and “a” activates cut, copy, paste, and select all, but additional options – like sliding up to “z” for undo, sliding to “b” to navigate to the beginning of a document, and sliding to “s” to select the current word – put SlideCut more than a few steps ahead of KeyShortcut and KeyShortcut Pro.

No additional preferences pane is added to the Settings app once SlideCut has been installed, and the jailbreak tweak doesn’t add a new application icon to the Home screen. For your reference, here’s a complete list of the shortcuts offered in SlideCut, as outlined in the jailbreak tweak’s release notes:

  • X – Cut
  • C – Copy
  • V – Paste
  • A – Select All
  • Z – Undo
  • Y – Redo
  • Q – Start Line
  • P – End Line
  • B – Beginning of Document
  • E – End of Document
  • S – Select Word
  • H – Move to Left
  • J – Move to Down
  • K – Move to Up
  • L – Move to Right

You can pick up SlideCut free of charge on the Cydia Store now, and it’s optimized for iOS 5, iOS 6, and iOS 7.

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