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Adobe Goes On The Offensive After Apple’s Aperture Announcement

Adobe Goes On The Offensive After Apple’s Aperture Announcement

June 27, 2014
Adobe wasted no time going on the offensive after Apple’s announcement earlier today that it is ending development of Aperture and iPhoto for Mac OS X. In a blog post, Adobe’s Winston Hendrickson touted the company’s competing solutions, including Lightroom:
Put simply we’re doubling down on our investments in Lightroom and the new Creative Cloud Photography plan and you can expect to see a rich roadmap of rapid innovation for desktop, web and device workflows in the coming weeks, months and years. We also continue to invest actively on the iOS and OSX platforms, and are committed to helping interested iPhoto and Aperture customers migrate to our rich solution across desktop, device and web workflows.
Hendrickson specifically mentioned the company’s new Photshop Photography plan. For $9.99 per month, users can access Photoshop CC and Lightroom for the Web, PC, Mac, and iOS. The iPad version of Lightroom arrived back on the App Store in April while Adobe unveiled an iPhone compatible app earlier this month. With either iOS app, any mobile edits, along with metadata and collection changes, will automatically sync with the other Lightroom versions. Apple said the recently introduced Photos for OS X will serve as a replacement for both programs. It should arrive for Yosemite sometime in 2015. The program will also sync with iCloud Photo Library. For other recent news today, see: Facebook Moved 20 Billion Instagram Photos And No One Noticed, Book Publishers: Amazon's Treatment Is 'Increasingly Ruthless,' and Developer Of Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake Has Been Accused Of Plagiarism.

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