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Cydia tweak: Enhance Settings app headings with NoUpperCaseTable

Cydia tweak: Enhance Settings app headings with NoUpperCaseTable

July 18, 2014

NoUpperCaseTable, a new jailbreak tweak, allows iOS device owners to make one simple change to the way Apple’s Settings application displays text.

Once installed on your jailbroken handset, NoUpperCaseTable should remove all uppercase headings from the Settings app, replacing them with headings where only the first letter is capitalised. Though a minor change, the updated headings do fit in better with the Settings application (admittedly, however, the problem wasn’t something I’d necessarily noticed up until now).

Given the simple nature of NoUpperCaseTable, there are no options to configure with the package; it’ll begin working its magic immediately upon being downloaded, and in order to disable the jailbreak tweak, users will need to manually uninstall NoUpperCaseTable.

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You can download NoUpperCaseTable on the Cydia Store free of charge right now.

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Via: iDownloadBlog

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