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Cydia tweak: The upcoming Vestigo brings smart Wi-Fi management to iOS

Cydia tweak: The upcoming Vestigo brings smart Wi-Fi management to iOS

July 11, 2014

Vestigo is a smart upcoming jailbreak tweak that makes it easier than ever for users to manage Wi-Fi on iOS.

Previewed in a recent article from iDownloadBlog, Vestigo links up with Activator to provide quick, speedy access to a dedicated Wi-Fi manager that appears as a drop-down interface.

You can enable this Wi-Fi manager using a dedicated preconfigured Activator action. When activated, it’s possible to enable or disable Wi-Fi, you can scan for networks, and you can check details on individual Wi-Fi networks, too. The details offered by Vestigo on nearby Wi-Fi networks also go above and beyond what’s offered natively by Apple in the iOS Settings app.

As iDownloadBlog explains:

Venturing into the individual settings of a connected network reveals a whole host of additional settings that are not normally accessible in stock iOS. You’ll see things like signal strength, channel, noise, SNR, and other advanced metrics. If you’re trying to troubleshoot a Wi-Fi connection, these metrics can be helpful if you know what you’re doing.

You can access the Vesitgo Wi-Fi manager from anywhere in iOS, too, which looks to be a particularly useful feature.

Though the jailbreak tweak isn’t available yet, it’s expected to launch on the Cydia Store “any day now.” Vestigo will retail for $1.50 and it’ll feature in the ModMyi repository.

In the meantime, for some of the Cydia Store’s most recent releases, check our coverage of Fully Masked Passwords, Acute, StatusbarWeather7, Aslock, Interactive Message Notifications, and ColorfulVolume.

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