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New Samsung ad mocks users waiting for the larger screen of the 'iPhone 6'

New Samsung ad mocks users waiting for the larger screen of the 'iPhone 6'

July 21, 2014
Samsung is back at it again. In its latest commercial, the Korean smartphone maker is bashing Apple for the smaller screen of the iPhone. The ad, entitled “Screen Envy,” shows an iPhone and Galaxy S5 user discussing rumors that the next-generation iPhone could be sporting a bigger display. Here’s the complete ad. Click here if you can’t see it. And if you don't want to surrender the next 30 seconds of your life, here’s the main part of Samsung’s argument:
You know that thing you’ve been waiting on for like two years, and how it’s supposed to be awesome and how it’s going to blow your mind? Well it’s been here this whole time. But maybe you just like waiting. It’s everything you’ve been waiting for -  5.1-inches of full HD on the Samsung Galaxy S5.
The commercial is part of a blitz from Samsung. Earlier this month, a commercial entitled “Wall Huggers” trashed the iPhone 5s for its supposed short battery life and non-replaceable battery. Not content on bashing just the iPhone, another recent spot for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S touted its multitasking abilities compared to the iPad. While I thought the first two ads were at least somewhat humorous, the most recent spot falls pretty flat. There are a number of other factors, besides screen size, that make a great smartphone. For other recent news today, see: Netflix on the Apple TV will now automatically play the next episode, Breeze and RunKeeper are now integrated to help keep better track of your activity, and Apple’s iOS 8 beta 4 features a new Tips app and more.

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