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The AppAdvice week in review: The Apple-IBM partnership, the 'iPhone 6' and more

The AppAdvice week in review: The Apple-IBM partnership, the 'iPhone 6' and more

July 20, 2014
Here are just a few of the stories we covered during the week that was.

The three biggest stories of the week

1. Apple joins forces with Big Blue ibm Apple and IBM announced a far-reaching partnership that will bring IBM services to iOS devices. In making the surprise announcement, the two companies said they would work together in four major ways:
  • a new class of more than 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions including native apps, developed exclusively from the ground up, for iPhone and iPad;
  • unique IBM cloud services optimized for iOS, including device management, security, analytics and mobile integration;
  •  new AppleCare® service and support offering tailored to the needs of the enterprise; and
  • new packaged offerings from IBM for device activation, supply and management.
In a message to employees soon after the announcement, Apple CEO Tim Cook said:
This partnership brings together the best of both companies. It’s great news for Apple, IBM and for enterprise customers worldwide and I’m really excited to see it take off.
We'll continue to follow this story in the weeks and months ahead. 2. Confusion grows over the 5.5-inch 'iPhone 6' s_482995d4f35c4138b6b9adebfe1ac27c Fact: Apple will launch a 4.7-inch iPhone in September. The big question is whether a 5.5-inch model will also arrive. One week ago, it looked like Apple wouldn't be launching a large screen iPhone in 2014 due to production issues. By Thursday, it looked like those issues had been resolved, allowing production on the 5.5-inch model to begin in August. At this point, it's really hard to determine which stories are correct. My gut tells me there will be no 5.5-inch iPhone this year. Luckily, we should find out very soon. For other iPhone 6 stories from this week, see:
3. Price fixing case resolved ebooks

To settle claims of e-book price fixing, Apple has conditionally agreed to pay $450 million in damages.

Along with the five major book publishers, Apple allegedly conspired to keep e-book prices high.

As Brent Dirks reported, "If Apple hadn’t agreed to the settlement, a damages trial was slated to begin in late August. The attorney generals in the case were expected to seek up to $840 million in compensation."

Thanks to the agreement, consumers are in line to receive $400 million in the settlement.

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Viral video of the week

Have you heard? There is a new doctor in town:

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