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Progress is continuing on Apple's in-development Campus 2

Progress is continuing on Apple's in-development Campus 2

August 6, 2014

Progress on Apple’s in-development “Campus 2” is rapidly being made, according to a recent article highlighting three recently-published images of the construction site.

The images (pictured above and below) reached us from AppleInsider, which cites the Twitter profile of KCBS traffic reporter Ron Cervi. AppleInsider’s report explains:

it appears preparations are being made to pour the concrete foundation that will serve as a base for the three-story building. Of note is rebar work being done to retaining walls ringing the build’s perimeter, which will likely be paired with a comprehensive drainage system to avoid water ingress and lower level flooding.

In addition to this, however, the images also show how Campus 2 developers have been “digging out troughs in the central courtyard area” – as you can see, these tunnels appear to be accompanied by pipes, however their exact purpose is currently unknown.

A small wall appeared around Campus 2’s foundations during June, and before this, in May, we explained how the development is now visible from the air.

Apple has been sending out update letters to Cupertino residents informing them of Campus 2’s progress, and countless images have also surfaced online over the last few months.

The new campus was first unveiled by Apple co-founder and then-CEO Steve Jobs in 2011, and it gained final approval from the City of Cupertino in November 2013. Once complete (in late–2016), it’ll feature a 120,000 square foot auditorium and will host Cupertino’s WWDC keynote alongside its iPhone event, iPad event, and any further special events Apple wishes to hold.

We’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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