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The AppAdvice week in review: Apple-Beats' first mistake, 'iPhone 6' rumors and more

The AppAdvice week in review: Apple-Beats' first mistake, 'iPhone 6' rumors and more

August 3, 2014
Are long-rumored Apple products being delayed? Does Apple-Beats lack synergy? We explored these questions and more during the week that was.

The three biggest stories of the week

1. Apple’s acquisition of Beats is officially complete.  Apple-Beats-642x350 On Friday, Apple posted a message welcoming Beats Audio and Beats Electronics to the “family.” In its own posting, Beats called itself “a new instrument in the Apple family.” Apple announced its $3 billion bid for Beats in May. It's the largest acquisition in Apple’s history. Initially, I thought that the Apple-Beats rollout on Friday was impressive. That was before a weird video was released, which we highlight below. 2. Product delays? 000000000-Rumors-Newspapers The dog days of August are a great time to visit the beach or to dream of cooler days ahead. August isn't the best time for those seeking to find some clarity from the growing list of Apple rumors. Apple will announce new products in September. This isn't a rumor, it is a fact. Less certain are the products Apple plans to announce next month, compared to those coming in October, November, or even December. We’ve seen numerous reports in recent days saying that the long-rumored “iWatch” and 5.5-inch “iPhone 6” have been delayed. Another report says Apple will announce the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in September, but that the new handset won’t launch in stores until October. Not surprisingly, most Apple rumors originate in the Far East where new iOS devices are born. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction when you’re dealing with multiple suppliers and manufacturers, most of whom are not privy to the big picture. We’re going to hear a lot more stories in the coming weeks claiming that this product or that is delayed. We’ll report on these, because it’s what we do. Nonetheless, take each of these with a grain of salt. September is coming. When it does, we'll find some clarity. 3. Unlocking your phone is legal again unlock-ios-6-iphone-4-cdma-iphone-4s The 2013 Digital Millennium Copyright Act banned consumers and other third parties from unlocking handsets. Following the lead of the U.S. Senate, the House of Representatives this week approved a bill that makes cell phone unlocking legal once again. Soon after, President Obama signed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act making the legislation law. Who said that nothing can get done in Washington?

For further consideration

seinfeld-cast-ftr-642x401 Stories you might have missed this week:

Viral video of the week

Soon after the Apple-Beats deal was finalized, the Beats By Dre Twitter account linked to an odd video featuring two Beats Pills talking to Siri about going to a party. The ad attempted to be cool, but it really wasn't. The Pills were goofy and Siri was decidedly off her game. Perhaps knowing this, Beats (or the powers at Apple) pulled the tweet and video. Thankfully, 9to5Mac made a copy: Hopefully, this isn't a preview of things to come from Apple-Beats. Can someone say lack of synergy?

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