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Charge your iPhone or iPad on the go with the powerful Pronto external battery pack

Charge your iPhone or iPad on the go with the powerful Pronto external battery pack

October 10, 2014

Power Practical is turning to Kickstarter again with another unique and handy charging gadget. The company is well known for its PowerPot line of thermoelectric generators that can charge any electronic device using energy from a boiling pot of water.

Both models of the new Pronto external battery pack live up to their name. The Pronto 5 sports a 4,500 mAH cell while the Pronto 12 offers a 13,500 mAH battery. While there are many other battery packs available in those sizes, the charging times make the line unique.

Plugging in either Pronto for just 5 minutes will give it enough juice to charge a completely dead iPhone 5. Both packs can be totally recharged in less than an hour.

That’s insanely fast, and much quicker than most other solutions on the market.

Here’s a quick video about the project. Click here if you can’t see it.

The packs themselves are made with a hard aluminum case and feature a nylon carrying strap. The smaller Pronto 5 offers one USB charging port. Along with two USB ports on the Pronto 12, Power Practical has also included a 12V output that can charge a DSLR or laptop with a car adapter.

Right now, for a pledge of $79 you can reserve a Pronto 5. A Pronto 12 is $119. All available pledge rewards are expected to ship in May or June 2015.

Just four days into the project, Power Practical has raised more than $170,000, more than three times the original $50,000 goal.

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