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Musician Gwen Stefani and MasterCard join forces to help promote Apple Pay

Musician Gwen Stefani and MasterCard join forces to help promote Apple Pay

December 8, 2014

MasterCard is stepping up once again to help promote Apple Pay. The financial services company is teaming up with musician Gwen Stefani as part of its “Priceless Surprises” campaign.

A new TV spot featuring Stefani has just been introduced. It shows “The Voice” coach sending surprises to users paying with MasterCard and Apple Pay. Some of the surprises customers can win include handbags, golf experiences, concert tickets, and even meeting Stefani herself.

Here’s the complete ad. Click here if you can’t see it.

Back in October, MasterCard went to bat with a series of ads for Apple Pay and the iPhone 6 which aired during the World Series.

Apple Pay officially rolled out with the introduction of iOS 8.1 and has picked up steam with a number of banks and retailers hopping on the bandwagon.

My colleague Bryan M. Wolfe had an interesting experience with Apple Pay this weekend, challenging himself to use only cash and Apple Pay with his iPhone 6 Plus while at a local mall. While he had a good experience at some retailers, using the system at Bloomingdale’s was pretty much a fiasco. You can read his complete story here.

Luckily, I haven’t had any issues like that, but I think it will take time for the system to gain traction with both retailers and consumers.

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