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Apple works its magic on new storefront display featuring iPad Smart Covers

Apple works its magic on new storefront display featuring iPad Smart Covers

January 11, 2015

Apple is working its own brand of magic to call attention to a new storefront display featuring iPad Smart Covers.

As captured on video below (via 9to5Mac), the new display at Apple’s flagship retail store on London’s Regent Street showcases upright iPads with Smart Covers that open and close of their own accord.

Designed by none other than Apple, Smart Covers attach magnetically to the sides of iPads. They also employ magnets to automatically wake or sleep the device when they’re lifted off or put back on the front of the devices.

It’s unclear what makes the Smart Covers on Apple’s new storefront display open and close “automagically,” although some sort of magnetic connection is probably used as well.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

In any case, the display is eye-catching, and is likely to prompt curious customers to inquire about and ultimately purchase iPads and Smart Covers. And as we’ve been made to realize for quite some time, Apple could do well to sell more iPads in light of the tablets’ steadily declining sales.

Apple is also looking to sell more iPads, along with iPhones and iMacs, with its recently launched “Start Something New” campaign, which features a gallery of works of visual art created using iOS and Mac devices and apps. This gallery is showcased on Apple’s website and on some Apple retail stores, including the aforementioned Regent Street location, as seen in the background in the video above.

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