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The companion iPhone app for the Apple Watch is detailed in a new leak

The companion iPhone app for the Apple Watch is detailed in a new leak

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January 13, 2015

The Apple Watch debut is getting even closer. A new report from 9to5Mac has a look at the companion app and some other new features of the device.

An app for the device was confirmed yesterday with the introduction of iOS 8.2 beta 4. That software also allows users to connect to the Apple Watch from their handset via Bluetooth.


Users will be able to modify the Apple Watch homescreen from the companion app.

The site’s source has leaked a number of images from the app. Probably most interesting is the fact that users can manage and organize the watch’s homescreen through a pictured “virtual” view on the app.

Some of the other tidbits include a new clock face feature called Monogram and the fact that users will be able to set up a specific passcode for the Apple Watch, just like with iOS devices. There are also a number of accessibility features that can be modified on the watch like VoiceOver.

Many more screenshots are available on the site, so definitely take a look if you’re interested in learning more about how the Apple Watch will work.

Apple first announced the device during the iPhone 6 unveiling back in September, only announcing that it would arrive in “early 2015.” A recent report says Apple is shooting to release the watch by the end of March.

Prices will start at $349 for the Sport version. Buyers will also be able to select from the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition models of the wearable.

The developer of the Pipes News app has also recently launched an interesting site featuring an interactive demo showing how the device will work.

I’m really pleased to see the large number of customization options available to users of the Apple Watch through the companion app. It’s truly shaping up to be a “personal” device. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about the watch, officially or unofficially, soon.

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