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Movesum step-tracking app connects how you move with what you eat

Movesum step-tracking app connects how you move with what you eat

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January 9, 2016

To be healthy, you need not move fast. Rather, you just need to move more.

That’s the belief held by the makers of the popular fitness app Lifesum as they set out to launch a new fitness app called Movesum.

You move some

Movesum is essentially a step tracker, joining the likes of Pedometer++ and Moves in the plethora of step-counting apps available on the App Store. But Movesum is different from most of its ilk in that it has a decidedly simple interface and a key feature that relates step activity to food intake.

To get started with Movesum, you of course have to allow it to read your movement data by giving it access to the Active Energy and Steps components of your device’s Health app. From then on, Movesum will track your steps and show your progress as you go on the move.

Movesum 1

You lose some

On its main screen, Movesum shows you how many steps you’ve taken for the day. But on top of that, it also indicates how many calories you’ve burned and what type and amount of food those are equivalent to.

For example, if you’ve taken 3,600 steps, that means you’ve burned 180 calories, which equate to one large take-away cup of latte. You can swipe sideways to see more food types and amounts that are equivalent to the steps you’ve taken and the calories you’ve burned, and tap to learn more.

Swipe up on the main screen to go to the screen where you can set your movement goal and enable smart notifications to help you reach your daily goal and go on goal achievement streaks.

Movesum 2

With Movesum, you’re more likely to be motivated to exercise as how you move is put within the context of what you eat.

Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch models equipped with Apple’s motion coprocessors, Movesum is available now on the App Store for free.

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