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StreamNation media center service to shut down on March 8

StreamNation media center service to shut down on March 8

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February 11, 2016

StreamNation’s days are numbered.

Launched in 2013, StreamNation presented itself as a sort of media center that allowed users to easily access their photos, videos, music, and documents, as well as media shared with them by other users.

All aboard Project Noah

By design, StreamNation entailed the uploading of media into the service’s cloud. This turned out to be a significant complication to users, particularly those with collections of personal media in the order of gigabytes and terabytes.

This led the eponymous company behind StreamNation to start a side project last year code-named Project Noah (after the Biblical character). “The objective is to be able to offer the same type of experience as StreamNation, but without the hurdle of uploading,” StreamNation explains. “Imagine being able to access all of your media from our cloud without having to upload them! Step by step, Project Noah became the focal point of our company.”

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Goodbye, StreamNation and Shutter

Subsequently, StreamNation has decided to concentrate its efforts on Project Noah, which presumably employs remote file access or a similar technology. Unfortunately, this decision comes at the expense of StreamNation’s namesake service and its sibling service, the “infinite camera” app Shutter.

Launched in 2014, Shutter was a cloud-based photo storage app that offered an unlimited camera roll with smart storage management, unlimited sharing, album management, and background upload.

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Development of StreamNation and Shutter has been discontinued, and both services are scheduled to completely shut down on Tuesday, March 8.

How to keep your StreamNation and Shutter data

If you’ve been using StreamNation and Shutter and wish to keep your data, you can download all of your content from those services using a desktop downloader. You can also move all of your personal photos and videos — movies, shows, music, and documents not included — to Picturelife, the cloud-based photo storage service acquired by StreamNation early last year, which will thankfully continue as part of Project Noah.

Make sure to do either or both by going to the StreamNation website before the closure of StreamNation and Shutter on March 8, which will also see the deletion of all accounts on those services.

Both StreamNation and Shutter are no longer available on the App Store.

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