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The animation process has gone thorough several stages in history. It began with simple drawings and then moved over to desktop software. Now animation is in another stage, one that fits on the sleek form factor of the iPad. We have updated this AppGuide to feature Animation Desk, an app with awesome functionality and a beautiful interface as well.

Greg Sapienza

Vector drawing is a complicated and yet interesting way to draw graphics. The apps listed here show the best, most feature-rich apps that have vector drawing capabilities. Due to a request from one of our readers, we have added an excellent free option called neu.Draw for all of your vector drawing needs.

Greg Sapienza

No Mess Charcoal Drawing With iCharcoal

The iCharcoal app simulates drawing using charcoal sticks on different types of paper. Within minutes, you can create a stunning drawing that will impress you friends and family. The best part … your fingers stay clean.

Susan Megrund

New AppGuide: Drawing With Your iPad

The iPad has become an amazing tool for artists. The iPad has tons of great drawing apps. These include apps that are as simple as finger painting apps and apps that are pretty powerful and complex. This AppGuide will help you pick out the best drawing app for your needs.

Tim Chaten

Artists Are Using The iPad To Create Their Next Masterpiece

It seems that as well as revolutionising the way we listen to music, browse the web and read books Apple have succeeded in creating a whole new medium to draw and paint with. And I'm not just talking about stick men, doodles and squiggles, I am talking about proffessional artists creating exceptional pieces or real artwork.

Phil Wheeler

Review: Line Racer

Zoom down the slopes as quickly as you can in this fast-paced and addictive game. Race on custom made tracks, or randomly created ones, as you climb the online leader boards. The game uses touch-based controls as well as the accelerometer in order to maximize your speed. Find out more here...

Matt Fox