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Here's a New 'iPhone 7' Prototype, and This One's Definitely Blue

Just when we were beginning to think the blue iPhone could be Space Black after all, a new prototype appears to reaffirm the belief that Apple is working on a blue addition to its iPhone line
August 16, 2016

Rumors surrounding a possible blue iPhone have been circulating for some time, and most recently were squashed when several reports claimed that in actual fact, the blue iPhone was Space Black. However, a new prototype “iPhone 7” has hit the Web, and this one, as you can see, is most definitely blue.

The iPhone surfaced online at Twitter user The Malignant's (@the_malignant) account, where the individual behind the leak explained:

Apple iPhone7Pro first look to a BLUE WORKING prototype (source

As you can see in the picture, this is definitely a blue handset, and it definitely appears to resemble the iPhone 7 we're already heard so much about. The pictured device, for instance, features a dual-lens rear-facing camera, as rumored; its headphone jack has been replaced by a speaker grille; and the design of the iPhone closely resembles that of the current-generation iPhone 6s. There are, of course, rumors of a capacitive Home button with 3D Touch support instead of a clickable, mechanical button, but it's impossible to tell whether or not this features on the protoype based on the images alone.

Take a look for yourself:

Before now, we'd indeed heard that Apple's rumored blue iPhone 7 handset would instead turn out to be Space Black. This most recent leak, however, seems to reaffirm that a blue handset could be in the cards for September; if this is the case, would a Space Black device replace the current Space Gray color option, or might we have two additional colors to choose from when it comes to purchasing our iPhone 7?

It'll be interesting to see which way Apple goes with this. Of course, we'll keep you posted with further information as we receive it.