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Microsoft Sprinkles Your Photos With Fun Captions and Stickers

A camera app with fun ideas
April 3, 2017

Looking at photos with fun captions and stickers can be a lot of fun. But editing photos with fun captions and stickers can be anything but, what with all the thinking and tinkering that you have to do. Well, Microsoft is out with a new iOS app called Sprinkles that takes the chore out of making your photos interesting by automatically suggesting different fun elements that you can put on them.

Billed as “a camera with fun ideas,” Sprinkles is an app that lets you snap or load a photo and then has you swiping to choose from its suggested “sprinkles” — witty captions, smart stickers, and more. The app also allows you to add your own text and emojis, if you want to supplement Sprinkles’ ideas with your own personal touches.

Fun captions

To start with Sprinkles, just take a new picture using the in-app camera or select an existing photo from your device’s library. Right after snapping a new image or cropping and rotating an image from your camera roll, Sprinkles immediately does its thing, which is to give suggestions for fun captions and stickers. Just swipe to see the different captions and stickers Sprinkles thinks might go well with your photo.

Object recognition

Sprinkles is powered by machine learning, and its suggested captions and stickers depend on what’s in the picture. The app uses object recognition technology to figure out the content of the image. So if, for example, you take a photo of a cup of coffee, Sprinkles comes up with coffee-related quips. The app also employs facial recognition for portraits, selfies, and group pictures, automatically overlaying faces with age guesses, celeb lookalikes, hats, mustaches, and more. Some captions and stickers are based on the time (e.g. captions alluding to Monday blues) and your location (e.g. geo-stickers).

New captions and Smart Stickers are added frequently, because fresh fun is the best fun.

- Microsoft

As in other photo editing and sharing apps, you can add your own captions and stickers to your photos in Sprinkles, with support for setting different caption text styles and searching for more stickers by keyword.

Once you’re done making your photo more fun, just tap Done to share it with your friends and followers on social media.

Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Sprinkles is available now on the App Store for free.

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Sprinkles – Camera with Fun Ideas
Sprinkles – Camera with Fun Ideas
Microsoft Corporation

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