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New Emoji

Take a Look at the New Emoji Coming to the iPhone and iPad Soon

Credit: Emojipedia
A look at some of the newest emoji.
Digital Communicator
June 21, 2017

Thanks to recently approved Unicode 10.0 standard, 56 new emoji characaters are on tap for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

A preview of some of the new emoji.

A preview of some of the new emoji.

Some of the 56 new characters, according to Emojipedia, include face vomiting, the Bitcoin symbol, hedgehog, two different dinosaurs (T-rex and sauropad), mermaid, broccoli, heart, pretzel, sandwich, and many more. You can see all of the new additions in the image above.

All of the emoji will be avaialble to use on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac whenever Apple supports the new standard. That’s usually a few months after the final standard has been approved.

For example, the Unicode 9.0 standard was approved in June 2016 and officially arrived in December with iOS 10.2.