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Another Dream
Another Dream

Another Dream Not Just Another App

December 7, 2012

provides a lucid gaming experience. Everything from twisted and abstract artwork to lulling music will make you feel as if you’re one step away from a dream. Each level is a dream that builds with the other ones to create a narrative.

The whole look and feel is reminiscent of Brian Froud’s Heart of Faerie Oracle.

The goal is to connect different elements in order to increase your “good” energy. Elements include clocks, crazy-eyed teddy bears, lightning bugs, eyeballs, and porcelain masks. Draw a line to connect at least two similar elements.

The longer the line, the more “mana” you can build up, which adds to your energy. But the line can be foiled by having another elements touch it, doubling back on itself, or having nightmares touch it. Yes, you read that right. Nightmares.

Looking like ringwraiths, nightmares will add to your “bad” energy if you touch them. Alone, they’re not much of a nuisance, though when you add in “dandelions” that look similar to them by also being black and shimmery, you have to be careful.

Just like in Frog Storm, another psychedelic game, you don’t want the elements hit the bottom of the screen. Doing so will add to your bad energy, which ends the game.

Two mini-games are offered as “naps.” In one you need to collect as many dandelions as you can, while the other sees how much mana points you can score. The objective for each is just to see if you can best your top score.

While the music certainly fits the theme of the app, it almost works too well. The repetitive droning is more likely to put the player to sleep than excite them.

This is a fun game that would appeal to those looking for a lucid experience. The gameplay is entertaining, especially as you advance to the higher dream levels.

Miss out on this app? Don’t even dream about it.