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Road Trip Games

Headed out on that long summer road trip or vacation? Don't leave home without loading up your iPad, iPhone, or iPod with these road trip games sure to keep your kids busy for the duration of your trip!

Essential Apps

RoadTripBingo HD

by Phone Bros

Road Trip Bino HD is now a Universal App with this version 1.5 update which makes it playable on iPad, iPhone, and iPod. It's colorful UI fills the large iPad screen and makes the game a true shared play experience. Also interesting to note is the educational feature. While playing this bingo styled card, if a player needs a description of the item being searched for, just press and hold the item and you'll hear the descrition. In true bingo fashion, when you spot something on the card, touch it to drop a marker. Get markers all the way across, down, or diagnally and "BINGO" you win!


by Gnatech

OK, we've all done it. Well, I've done it. Not recently, but when I was a kid, my dad never stopped on a road trip. I still have a hard time looking at a Dr. Pepper Can in the eye! Though some may think it's crude, that's part of the fun of iPeeInABottle. As the road swerves and bumps beneath your stand in player, you'll have to maneuver your iPhone to keep the pee in the bottle and not all over the steering wheel! It's a fun game that scores each attempt to find out who is the most accurate "PEElayer"!

Ad Libs! It's better than [noun] - ON SALE NOW!

by inZania LLC

Nothing helps more to keep you awake on that long road trip than a chuckle. The iPhone App "Ad Libs! It's better than [noun]" is a classic wacky story builder! Just fill in the blanks according to their part of speech, and Ad Libs creates a funny little story based on the words you selected. Ad Libs promises that you'll never run out of wacky stories because new ones are added each week. One of the benefits of this app is that it's not only good for road trips, but any party, gathering of friends, or simply amuse yourself. Easy to use and group friendly. Ad Libs can help make that long road trip a little more fun.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

by Dev71

As another "spot it" game, Road Trip Scavenger Hunt delivers a true multiplayer game. You can fill out the names of all the passengers playing and it keeps track of their individual scores. It's very similar to the old fashioned "I Spy" game where someone calls out an object and everyone tried to be the first to spot it. You can choose to look for objects or words, or a combination of both. Just tap the name of the first person to spot the random item and their score is updated. Then a new object or word pops up and the game continues. Play as long as you like and Road Trip Scavenger Hunt will tally the scores to determine the winner.

Notable Apps

Road Trip Fun

by Scott Falbo

If you're looking for a repository of games to play while traveling, Road Trip Fun might just work. It's not as pretty as it is functional. This app also leaves much of the gameplay up to you since it basically just gives the idea of the game, short list of rules, and lacks the beaty of other apps in this category.

Ice Breakers Road Trip

by Ice Breakers

A variation on the other offerings from Ice Breakers, this one focuses on the open road. The idea is to help break the ice when you're traveling and get passengers to talk to one another. Questions like, "What instantly makes you smile" to objectives like, "Look inside the vehicle and the first person to spot something yellow wins", should get weary travelers communicating.

Q road trip

by Jelly Pants

Q is a set of games designed to get people talking. In the process you may just learn something new about your traveling companions. Specifically designed for the road trip, Q Road Trip is very similar to the other Jelly Pants question based games. To be honest, you may actually like one of the other apps better. There's Q Friends, Q Chill, and Q Dates that may be just as entertaining on a long road trip. If you're not sure Q is for you, you can download the free "Lite" version of Q Friends to see for yourself.

Road Slot

by Slava Bushtruk

Road slot provides a new twist on road trip scavenger hunts. This app uses your location device to give a real time map of where you are, but the twist is the fruit! Along the route different "slot machine" styled fruit appear. As you drive by these fruit, their point value is added to your total. The real purpose of the game is to compete with other Road Slot app runners by getting combinations of fruit that add up to more than theirs. So you're actually playing other drivers around the country. Not sure, but it seems like Road Slot may actually add time to your trip, especially if you're trying to pick up that banana a few streets over for a sweet combo!

Decent Apps

Car Games

by Ze'ev Klapow

Little more than a scratch pad to keep scores on, Car Games doesn't offer much if you're looking for a fun, graphic interface. It's a nice score keeper and offers a few suggestions for road trip games, but it certainly dosen't take advantage of the iPhone's colorful display. If .99 cents is all you can afford, you might want to try something else.

Rules of Shotgun

by Publications Circulation LLC

It's happened to us all, we shout "Shotgun" only to find out that another passenger has called it already! Rules of Shotgun's the unofficial guide for solving all front seat passenger fights. Not really a game to play during a road trip, but it might help decide who gets shotgun for the trip!

Slug Bug Counter

by Bradley J Danitz

Tired of getting hit in the arm everytime your kid spots a slugbug? Hand them your iPhone with this app running and they'll actually be able to keep track of how many slugbugs they see on the open road. Add a reward for their effort and it might just keep you from getting a bruise!

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