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Computer Mouse Controlling Apps

Instead of buying an expensive wireless mouse for your PC or Mac or your Media PC, why not spend a few bucks on an iPhone app that can do it for you?

Essential Apps

Mobile Mouse (Remote/Mouse/Trackpad/Keyboard)

by R.P.A. Tech

This is a very full-featured iPhone app. You can do anything you could do with a normal mouse and keyboard, plus much more. You can use it like a Wii remote and control the pointer with a flick of your wrist, or you can use the built-in keyboard to type things. The application switcher is great. No more navigating to the taskbar or dock on your PC. It supports multitouch gestures, and it has a special mode for using it as a Keynote/Powerpoint remote. Honestly, the list of features is almost inexhaustible. It works on all recent versions of OS X (from Tiger to Lion) and Windows (from XP to 7, both x64 and x86) with the free companion software available from their website. This app would be perfect for someone looking for a multimedia remote, as it has a multimedia mode and assignable hotkeys built in. It works very smoothly and has a very quick response time on my 802.11n network, and is still very usable on 802.11b/g.

HippoRemote Pro ~ Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, Remote Control & Gamepad

by RoboHippo LLC

HippoRemote Pro is the Swiss army knife of remote control apps. In addition to the mouse and keyboard control, it also has a gamepad to let you play all of your favorite computer games. It also lets you record macros so that you can automate tasks such as opening iTunes and changing a song. You can also control popular media applications such as Boxee, Plex, and XBMC with gestures. This app also works with Linux, which is something many other apps don't do.

Remote Mouse (Mobile/TrackPad) FREE

by Zeng Rong

This app is probably the best free remote mouse and keyboard controlling app in this guide. It features multi-touch gestures, function keys, fully simulated mouse functions, voice recognition, and password protection. Remote Mouse also features the same great “Wiimote” gestures present in the paid Mobile Mouse app. If you want to enhance your experience, you can pay to remove advertisements, add a media remote panel, and add customizable wallpapers. However, if you want all of the above in-app purchases, you can buy the full version of this app separately for just $1.99 which will save you around three bucks.

Notable Apps

Mobile Mouse (Remote/Mouse/Trackpad) FREE

by R.P.A. Tech

This free version offers a lot of the functionality of its full version, but lacks: Retina support, tech support, the accelerometer support, application switcher, media remote, and several other features. It's still a great app, but I'd recommend the full version. For not much more money you get many more features.

Rowmote Pro: Remote Control for Mac

by Evan Schoenberg

This is a very cool app. It mimics the functionality of the Apple remote that used to come with Macs. The app is universal, so it works on your iPhone, iPod and iPad with just one purchase. It allows you to control many applications with tailored on-screen remotes, and is a must have for someone who uses their Mac as their media hub. It also works with Apple TVs, which is helpful if you lose the tiny remote it comes with. Unfortunately this app is Mac only, and works on Mac OS versions 10.4 and up.

Snatch Pro - Ultimate wireless trackpad / mouse, custom remote control, and keyboard for PC and Mac

by Ran D

This may not be the best app out of the lot, but it has some very decent features. Besides the expected mouse and keyboard control, Snatch Pro is capable of using remote templates built for specific apps on your computer so that you can control them with ease. This can be used for apps like iTunes, VLC, or even Photoshop. I personally found the app’s UI to be a little confusing, so it’s worth checking out the manual on the developer’s site first to see how you can make this app work for you. Apart from that, if you want a very flexible remote controlling app, this is the one.

Decent Apps

Remote Control Pro - Wireless trackpad, keyboard & numpad

by Pavel Kanzelsberger

This is a Mac only remote mouse (or keyboard) controlling app. The app’s UI is very simple and attempts to mimic the design of an actual Apple mouse and keyboard. The app also features a number pad and the FN modifier. If you prefer an app that is aesthetically similar to the hardware on your computer and offers full control of the keyboard and mouse, then this is the app for you.

Touch Mouse

by Logitech Inc.

This app doesn't have too many features, but the ones it offers are executed well. It offers multitouch support with support for up to three buttons, and an onscreen keyboard for text entry. It works on both Mac and Windows PCs.

Splashtop Touchpad

by Splashtop Inc.

This app offers basic touchpad and keyboard support. There is nothing fancy here, but a very elegant and simple UI and UX give it a polished feel.

Other Apps
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