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Best Alarm Clock Apps For iPhone

Waking up in the morning can be a difficult thing to do. Many people need a little extra help to get up and moving. Old school alarm clocks are great, but the iPhone has started to replace them with apps that can really help jump start your day. Although the iPhone has a good built-in alarm, some of us may want a bit more. In this AppGuide, we present you with some of the best options for alarm clock apps. Get ready to replace your tradional alarm clock with your iPhone.

Essential Apps


by Grailr LLC

CARROT Alarm is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, the perfect alarm clock app for those of us who have a hard time waking up and getting out of bed. CARROT is a talking alarm clock app that can be used with gestures. Choose from 1 of 30 alarm tones, then pick the time you'd like to wake by swiping up or down. Swiping CARROT to the left or right will set your alarm. The AI speaks to you in a woman's voice. She will sing you songs and be very sweet to coax you out of bed. She will reward you when you wake on time in a variety of ways. Beware if you try to snooze, as CARROT may become upset. She will then say things so hilarious and crazy that you will surely jump up in a heartbeat! This universal app is twisted in just the right way and ensures that you will wake on time...or else. CARROT Alarm is an essential app for many of the AppAdvice staff, and we think you will love it.

Wake Alarm

by Tiny Hearts Limited

Wake Alarm is a more subdued alarm clock app. The UI oozes simplicity and elegance, combined with gesture-driven functionality. Wake Alarm has 3 styles of alarms. "Slap & Flip" is for those of us that aren't quite ready to wake up: just slap (or tap) your iPhone to snooze via the built-in virtual snooze button, then flip your iPhone over to turn off an unwanted alarm. Need get moving? Use the "Shake" function by grabbing your iPhone and shake it enough to fill the Shake Bar. This gets your blood moving to get YOU moving. The "Swipe" function is the most basic, but does the job. It's very helpful that the app has many choices of alarm sounds--you won't hear the same old ring each morning that causes many to oversleep. Wake Alarm has up to 8 repeatable alarms and tons of ways to personalize each option to start off each day on time. This app is another essential, and is sure to get you out of bed.

SpeakToSnooze Pro - Alarm clock with voice control commands to snooze and turn off your alarm!

by j labs

If you are too tired to touch your iPhone, give SpeakToSnooze Pro a try. This app is incredibly helpful for when you just aren't ready to move or even open your eyes. Driven by the power of your voice, SpeakToSnooze Pro is truly remarkable. You can ask your phone what the time is, to set a time in which you absolutely must get out of bed by saying "I have to get up by" (this will prompt a very annoying noise in which you will have no choice but to wake), and even say the word "flashlight" incase you need to get up when it's dark. Not sure what time it is? Ask the app and it shall tell you. For those of us who don't want to budge but can speak up, this is the essential app to ease you out of your slumber.

Notable Apps

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

by Maciek Drejak Labs

This is very different app than the others mentioned in this AppGuide. Sleep Cycle helps regulate your sleep patterns, then helps you wake at a similar time daily. In order to set this alarm, put your iPhone on your bed. Afterwards, choose a time period in which you would like to wake. The alarm will then find the time that you are in your lightest stage of sleep by using your phones accelerometer, ringing the alarm at that time. After using this app for just a few days, Sleep Cycle will start collecting data that can tell you quite a bit about your cycles. You’ll be presented with graphs and statistics if you’d like to view your sleep habits. This app is notable but not essential, only because not everyone wants or needs these functions in an alarm clock app.

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

by Andres Canella

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock is similar to CARROT Alarm in the sense that it will make sure you get up and moving without mercy. It’s not quite as loud and pushy. Wake N Shake requires you to shake your phone until all colors have disappeared from your screen. Your blood will be pumping in no time, and it’s hard to fall back asleep after such exercise. Wake N Shake has 24 different alarm sounds, a strobe light to be certain you will be disturbed from sleep if the sounds do not affect you, a single-tap function for those that need a quick nap, music to help you sleep, and more. We experienced a few crashes here and there, which is the main reason we have chosen it as notable rather than essential. Wake N Shake worked to wake us the majority of the time, making it a notable choice.

Decent Apps

Rise Alarm Clock

by Kellen Styler

Rise Alarm Clock is a beautiful, universal app with a minimalist UI. To set Rise, drag and pick what time that you would like to wake up. Swipe or pull when you would like to shut the alarm off. There are different sounds, you can use your own playlist, or tap on the clock and hold to change the view to show day or night. Unfortunately, Rise badly needs an update as many features are not properly working at all. The developers have noted that there will be an update soon, and we are looking forward to it so that Rise will once again be the wonderful app that it used to be.

Other Apps
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