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Animation Apps For The iPad

The iPad allows you to create your own animation based films. There are many apps available to help you accomplish this. These apps could help you become the next creator of a famous animation like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. We will sort out the best ones in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Animation Studio

by miSoft

Animation Studio is the essential app. It will run on your iPhone as well as your iPad. The app integrates with YouTube to share your content. The app is unique in its sound capabilities. The app lets you do a voiceover and add a music track to your animations. The app provides a one stop shop for creating animations. Animation Studio includes tools like paint, airbrush, clip art, auto fill, zoom, layers, stylus, import graphics, color mixer, and HD output. The app has everything you need for creating advanced animations and is our pick for the essential animation app.

Animation Desk™ for iPad

by Kdan Mobile Software LTD

Animation desk is a sleek and very powerful app for animation on the iPad. Some of the features that make this app great are: being able to see an overlay of the previous frame, file manager, pressure sensitivity and palm detection. Truly the highlight of this app, however, is the gorgeous user interface. The sleekness and beauty of the UI allows Animation Desk to distinguish itself from the rest of the apps listed here. With its interface and functionality, I can easily recommend this app to anybody interested in animating on the iPad.

Notable Apps

Toontastic: FREE

by Launchpad Toys

Toontastic brings animation to the masses. The app works by putting on a virtual puppet show and the recording your performance. The app has a simple workflow of picking a story arc, drawing your setting/characters, starting the show, choosing your music, giving your work a title, and then uploading it. The app is the best alternative to the essential apps because of the ease of use. The app is just dead simple. It truly does make animation accessible for everyone.

Animation Creator HD

by miSoftware

Animation Creator HD packs in a ton of features. These include YouTube HD uploading, Twitter sharing, layers, frame management, scrub tool, full screen editing, paint brush, pencil, spray can, eraser, line tool, rectangle, image import, and much more. The app has tons of fantastic features. It is missing a few things like a clock to assist the composer. The app is great for those wanting to create animations on the iPad.

Decent Apps

Animation Express

by miSoft

Kid Animation is a free version of the essential app Animation Studio. The app lets you create animations through painting and drawing. The app includes the ability to incorporate sound, just like the essential app. The app is more barebones, but is a great option for those wanting to start with a free app.

Cartoon Studio Pro

by Andrew Bednarz

Cartoon Studio Pro is an app that lets you create your own cartoons. The method is similar to animation, but not exactly the same thing. The app helps you create different cartoon cells that can be played back as a movie. The app will run on both the iPhone and the iPad. The app supports uploading to Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, Tumblr or Wordpress sites. We would love to see YouTube support in the future. The app is really good at what it does.

Other Apps
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