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Ringtone Sampler Apps

There are a bunch of apps out there loaded with pre-made ringtones for you to download. In case you want to create your own ringtones, we did a separate AppGuide for that as well!

Essential Apps

1500 Ringtones Unlimited

by MobGen

1,500 Ringtones Unlimited provides access to over 1,500 ringtones. The app has an okay user interface. The reason this app is an essential one is the content. The ringtones offered here are actually pretty good! The app has everything from music, funny sounds, relaxing sounds, sound effects, and caller ID ringtones. The developers continue to add new and fresh ones. If you are to buy just a single ringtone app, this is it.

Notable Apps

Ringtones Uncensored PRO talking ringtone creator

by No Tie, LLC

The best alternative to the essential app is this one. The app is loaded with over 10,000 ringtones. The users have actually submitted over 2,000,000 ringtones. There are a ton of great quality ringtones, but the essential app does a better job at filtering out the bad ones. A great app for those that want a huge selection of ringtones and don't mind spending time listening and picking out ringtones.

Comedy Ringtones - 100+ Kids Ringtones

by Hahaas Comedy LLC

Comedy Ringtones provides over 100 kid safe ringtones. The interface is pretty barebones, but the content is pretty good. The app transfers the ringtones through iTunes sharing for you to sync them onto your iPhone. A great app especially if you have kids.

★Funny Ringtones♫ In ONE


Funny Ringtones has an interface almost identical to the App Store on your iPhone. The app is loaded with ads, which can be removed for $0.99. The ringtones are of an okay quality. Funny Ringtones is a great additional app to have. Those that want some funny ringtones should give this free app a download.

6500+ Music Ringtones Megapack Pro

by Silvano Fernández García

Those that like music ringtones will want to download this app. The app crams in over 6,500 ready to go music based ringtones. The recordings are of pretty good quality and the music itself is very ringtone appropriate. The price is a bit higher than some of the others out there, but still a great buy at $1.99.

Decent Apps

HD Ringtones for iOS4

by touchme

HD Ringtones for iOS 4 is an app to avoid. The interface is okay. The content is lackluster. We are not sure why they have branded this app HD. We look forward to the future enhancements and updates this app receives. For now, it is not worth downloading.

Other Apps
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