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App Store Gaming Classics

When the App Store launched back in 2008 there were only 500 apps available. Gaming already had a huge foot in the door on iOS with 1/3 of those launch apps being games. What were the best games available at launch? What apps have been improved since day one? We bring you back to July 10th, 2008 and the launch of the App Store with this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Cro-Mag Rally

by Pangea Software, Inc.

Cro-Mag Rally blows out every other App Store launch title out of the water. The reason for this? Updates. Pangea Software continues to update this App Store classic. The game is now at version 3.0 and has been fully optimized for the iPad. The iPad version is not a mere upscaled version, but truly takes advantage of the iPad’s hardware. Game Center support has also been added. You can race friends over Game Center and participate in the leaderboards and achievements. This app was shown off at WWDC 2008 as one of the premier launch titles for the App Store. Cro-Mag Rally is a must-have for those that want to go retro with their apps, but still have a regularly updated fun racing game.


by Demiforce LLC

Trism almost defines the essence of an App Store classic. Created by a single guy rather than a huge software development team, this app became an overnight success. The developer earned over $250,000 within its first two months of availability. The game is also so unique that it truly showcases why the iPhone is an outstanding gaming device. The gameplay could be described as a mix of Bejeweled and Tetris, but that would not give this game justice. Trism has had some updates, including iPad native support. The game is truly a great one for the iPhone, though not quite as fun on the iPad. The developer is hard at work on a Trism 2, but until then you can pick up this App Store classic for $2.99.


by Digital Legends Entertainment

Kroll was a ground-breaker when it debuted. Originally titled God of War, it was showcased at WWDC 2008 as an outlook to what is possible on an iPhone 3G or 2G. This title blew everyone away. The graphics and power of this game were startling back in 2008. This was the tech demo that spawned popular games like Infinity Blade. The game is still available and has not been updated since its release on September 29th, 2008. The app wasn’t available on day one, but was shown off to the world well before the App Store went live. A great app to have if you want to own a piece of iOS gaming history!

Notable Apps


by Pangea Software, Inc.

Enigmo is another app that was demoed during the App Store announcement. Just like Cro-Mag Rally, this app has not been abandoned. Pangea Software has been hard at work adding features including Game Center support. The game will never get boring because the community of Enigmo users are always creating new levels, which you can download from within the app! Since its release, the developers have released Enigmo 2, which runs great on both the iPhone and iPad. The iPad also has its own special version of the original Enigmo. Grab this App Store classic today for $2.99.

Super Monkey Ball


Sega’s Super Monkey Ball was one of the stars in the early days of the App Store. The app was demoed on stage during the App Store announcement. Everyone was blown away with how precise the accelerometer-based control was on this game. Since then a sequel has been released for the iPad and iPhone. You can grab the original that was once $9.99 for just $2.99 on the App Store now.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D

by Activision Publishing, Inc.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart 3D is one of the great classic racing games for the iPhone. The developers pack tons of power-ups and war-like features into this racing game. You can unlock new characters and tracks as you play through this app. Crash Bandicoot is still an amazing game for the iPhone that never seems to get old. A sequel is out for fans of the original. You can grab the sequel for $0.99 or the original for $2.99 in the App Store now.

Decent Apps


by Electronic Arts

Scrabble, along with Sudoku and Tetris, are Electronic Arts’ App Store classic apps. Scrabble is a highly polished and fun mobile version of the classic board game. The game continues to receive updates. Fans of the original can also purchase the iPad native version of the app. Scrabble is an iOS classic and one of EA’s first apps for the iPhone.

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