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Baseball Radar Gun Apps

Have you ever wondered how fast you can throw a baseball? Well, if you have a friend and an iOS device you can find out. There are a variety of radar gun apps. You will need someone to operate the device while you throw for the apps to work. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Baseball Radar

by studio S software, LLC

Baseball Radar is the essential radar gun app. Best of all, it is a free app. The app will feature ads in future releases and currently has a placeholder spot. You must set the distance of the throw for the app to work. There are a variety of presets including baseball, softball, little league, pony league, bronco league, mustang league, pinto league, coaches pitch, and softball (16 U). You can also set custom distances. Simply tap start when the ball is released and stop when it is caught. The app will configure the speed from those calculations. Baseball Radar is a simple yet effective app.

Notable Apps


by Bryan Saltzman

If you want to go ad free, then iRadarGun may be for you. The app offers three presets and the ability to customize the distance. The interface is a friendly LED-themed one. The interface is simple and the app is easy to use. A nice option for those that don’t want ads and are looking for a different look.

Baseball Speed

by George Wolanin

Baseball Speed is a nice option. Not only is a radar gun included, but a pitch counter too. You can save a history of your pitches if you want. There are many more features than a simple radar gun. Different pitchers can be recorded separately. There are some nice features in this app. We still think the free essential app is the way to go for those wanting a dedicated radar gun app.

speedClock - video radar

by Sten Kaiser

SpeedClock is a bit more open-ended and can calculate the speed of cars, people, and other objects. The real innovative feature here is the motion controlled timer. This can be incredibly useful for those wanting a hands free timer. The real benefit of this app is the design. It is a pleasure to use and operate. You’ll have fun with this app. A nice app for those looking for some more open-ended radar gun apps.

Decent Apps

Simple Radar Gun

by pnd labs

Simple Radar Gun is an okay app. It is a good thing that this one is free. There is really not that much to this app. There are two presets and a manual mode. It is nice that the app keeps a history of your recorded speeds. This is a free app and may be worth a look.

Baseball Radar Gun

by Jeff Banfield

Baseball Radar Gun offers fewer features than the essential app and costs $0.99. Worst of all, the app will have iAds included. A placeholder ad slot is included. You are able to speed test from 60.6 feet (baseball), 43 feet (softball), or 46 feet (little league). The app is nice, but there is no reason to buy it with the essential app offering more for free.

Other Apps
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