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Basketball Scoreboards For iPad

You know those $4,000 basketball scoreboards? Well, there is an app for that! If you want to put on your own basketball tournament, then look no further than the iPad to help you do just that. The iPad is the perfect tool for the job. We take a look at the best basketball scoreboard apps in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Basketball Scoreboard -Dejibo-


Dejibo - Digital Basketball Scoreboard is the most advanced and full-featured basketball scoreboard app for the iPad. We are just blown away with how many features the developers have packed into this app. Video output is supported, which allows you to use a huge monitor or TV set to show off the scoreboard. The iPad can even sync its display to other iOS devices over Bluetooth! This allows you to have scoreboards everywhere you look. You could even use an iPhone (handheld) and sync that to an iPad! The scoreboard displays scores, team names, possession arrows, game clock, shot clock, timeout timer, current period, team foul counter, personal foul counter, and sounds the buzzer. Dejibo is the most complete and most advanced scoreboard app for iOS.

Notable Apps

Ballers Basketball Stats, Scorekeeper, and Clipboard

by E6 Technologies, LLC

Ballers Basketball Stats and Scoring is a more comprehensive app. You are not just running the scoreboard, you are also keeping track of stats with this app. Ballers even allows you to analyze who the MVP is based on the stats of the game. The scoreboard part of the app does not truly compete with the essential app. There are some nice options such as buzzing and vibrate (iPhone only) options and autostart clock. The interface needs some work. You can tell this is more of an upscaled iPhone app rather than a true iPad app. Ballers is a great complement to the essential app.

Giant Scoreboard

by Benzak

Giant Scoreboard is one of the best free options out there. The scoreboard includes a game clock, team names, and scores. The display looks beautiful and emulates the real thing in a good way. Giant Scoreboard is the must-have free scoreboard app for the iPad.

ScoreKeeper - MULTISPORT

by CJK Software LLC

ScoreKeeper is a multi-sport scoreboard app. The app includes basketball, football, volleyball, and point-by-point scoreboards. The basketball scoreboard includes score display, game clock, current period, and team foul count. ScoreKeeper is a great app for those needing a volleyball and football scoreboard too.

Decent Apps

Basketball Remote Scoreboard

by Point of No Return Studios

Basketball Remote Scoreboard is a nice alternative to the essential app. The iPad can be controlled by your iPhone or iPod touch. The scoreboard is more limited than the essential app. This one can only display the game clock, score, and current period. Right now it is a nice one to have, but doesn’t really compete with Dejibo.


by Sport Search UK

Scoreboard is a more general app. It is designed to work with different sports. The display simply shows home/away and numbers underneath the name. You lose all of the great advanced features that basketball specialty apps have, but being able to use it for any sport is a plus. Scoreboard is great for anyone needing a non-specific scoreboard app.

Other Apps
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