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A toast: "Here's to the apps that never fail, to measure your BAC and perhaps keep you out of jail. Some do it with zest, some do it better than the rest, some don't do much at all and therefore get ranked low in our AppGuide!" Ok, my toast slipped at bit there at the end, but with these helpful apps hopefully you won't be slipping too much during your next night out. And if you are, you will at least be able to realize you need a ride home. Please note that none of the apps in this review claim to be 100 percent accurate. Please use common sense when drinking and don't drink and drive.

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    iDrink Smarter is a very in depth, comprehensive BAC app that uses a unique "Green Zone" system that tries to "maximize the positive effects of alcohol" while "reducing the likelihood of experiencing drowsiness, hangovers and impaired judgement". The system uses popup notifications and advice on drinking carefully such as "maybe you should walk around a bit" if you have had several drinks in a close time period. It a solid app that provides you with a lot of good information, but it felt a bit too complicated and cluttered when compared to some of the more streamlined apps mentioned above.

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