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Wine cellar management on the iPad

The iPad can be an amazing tool for keeping track of your wine collection. There are several apps that can help you know what is in your wine cellar and even provide you some nice stats about your wine. This AppGuide will help you select the app that best fits your needs.

Essential Apps

VinoCellar: manage your wine cellar and tasting notes like a pro

by VinoDev

VinoCellar is a great wine database management app that helps you organize your wine collection by multiple factors including vintage date, life cycles, and grapes. You also have the ability to search for a wine online. There are a ton of other features that help any wine connoisseur out, like being able to take photos for a bottle, customize the shape of your wine cellar, get market values for your collection, add your tasting notes, and so much more. Although this app is one of the more expensive ones at $9.99, it is one of the best ones out there.

Wine Cellar Database - search and manage your delectable vino winery finder. Rate, track and share your wines

by Adysseus

Wine Cellar Database is another great management app for your personal cellar. You can create your own wine categories, sort your collection by vintage or name, add as many photos as you like to a single wine, and import or export wines to a spreadsheet file. This app allows you to share your wines (photos included) to Facebook and Twitter as well. The app is free and comes with 10 spaces for 10 different wines. If you need more spaces, you are able to buy those in increments through in-app purchases.

Notable Apps

Corkz - Wine Reviews,Scanner, Cellar Management, Journal & Database

by Applied Ambiguities, LLC
$1.99 Wine Info provides some nice features. The app is plagued with one huge flaw: there is no way to manually add wines. The only way to add wines to your collection is by searching their database. This can be extremely irritating. The app will run on both your iPhone and iPad. The nice thing about the app is it includes close to two million reviews on close to a million different bottles of wine. The app can compare wines, and help you keep track of your ratings, notes and wish lists. The app also includes cellar management, pricing info, and reference definitions/articles. The app has a decent interface. The app has great potential, but in its current form is flawed.



Cellar is a pretty wine cellar management app that does just that. It doesn't do nearly as much as the essential apps do, but that doesn't mean it's a bad app. Use of this app is free with a Cellar subscription, but if you don't have one, no worries. You can try a 60 day trial free.

Winebook Pro

by Chrystian Enriquez

Winebook Pro is a notable app in this category. It does what it's supposed to do with added specifics when it comes to organizing your wines. Navigating through the app is simple enough and you can store photos, ratings, and notes for each wine. You can even add a wine to your favorites by tapping on the little heart icon. One thing that sets this apart is its barcode scanner. Scan a bottle and get information on it in that instant.


by VinotekaSoft

Vinoteka is a beautiful app that pleases in visuals. The app is sleek and the illustrations of wine bottles are delightful. Keep track of your tasting notes on what looks like notepad paper and get food pairings for certain wines. The inventory breakdown of this app is one of the more detailed ones. See how many bottles you have in total, which ones aren't stored, which are in the cellar, and which ones are in the fridge in a jiffy. That last feature alone is what makes this app notable.

WinemarksPlus for iPad

by iKnowledgeSolutions

WinemarksPlus for iPad is a notable app that has a strong focus on wine notes, but also contains a cellar managing feature. The UI is easy on the eyes and looks professional, unlike some of the lesser apps in this category. This app lets you track information such as name, type, and price. In addition to tracking information, you can also rate your wines, take a photo of the bottle label, pair each wine with foods, and more.

Decent Apps

Velvet Vine - Wine Cellar for iPad

by Tap Leap Software, LLC

Velvet Vine is sort of like a social network for wine connoisseurs. It does contain a management portion for your wine cellar, but also lets you enter your tasting notes and submit reviews for other users to see. The app isn't a pain to navigate through, nor does it have a stunning UI. All in all, it's a decent app to have.

Other Apps
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