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Task Management is such an essential part of everyday life that Apple included its own version on your iPad. Although Reminders has its strengths, there are many other apps available in the App Store to help you manage your tasks more effectively and completely. However, finding the right app for the right person can be a challenge. For this AppGuide, we’ve investigated apps designed specifically as task or to-do list managers to find the most feature-rich yet straight-forward apps available for the iPad, so that you can get an app you will actually use because that’s the whole point of a task manager, after all!

Essential Apps

  • $39.99

    OmniFocus 2

    by The Omni Group

    OmniFocus 2 requires commitment. For some, this amount of complexity and potential organization is exciting and worthy of essential status, while others would never need or want that much complexity from their task manager. Essentially, OmniFocus 2 tries to teach users how to manage their tasks, rather than just help them transfer their to-do lists to their iPad. OmniFocus 2 offers multiple methods for breaking down and organizing tasks. Although the price seems steep, it is worth it if you are looking for a new way to manage your to-do list.

  • $4.99

    Clear – Tasks, Reminders & To-Do Lists

    by Realmac Software

    Clear is another great way to organize the many things you need to get done in your life. The interface is elegant and bright, grabbing your attention without cluttering your screen. Make a list for everything in your life, and manage them with simple gestures. There is also iCloud syncing available so that you don't ever lose your lists. The app is universal, available on the iPhone, iPad, and the new Apple Watch.

  • $4.99

    Todo - To-Do & Task List

    by Appigo

    Todo is one of the first task management apps to hit the App Store and is a mighty fine one, too. This isn't one of those simple check lists that you can get as a freebie. This app manages projects and sub tasks with great detail in the popular GTD style. It can also sync your tasks between Outlook, Dropbox, iCloud, Toodledo, and Todo Cloud 7 across multiple devices. Of course there are other added features such as geotagging, contact integration, email sharing, and more.

  • Free

    Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

    by 6 Wunderkinder

    Wunderlist is one of the best free options for multi-platform task management. Even aside from the price, Wunderlist is an excellent universal task manager that’s designed for quick and simple task management. Although it has fewer options than some of the other apps in this Guide, Wunderlist’s list-based task management is very attractive, and the app supports reminders, notes, stars for important tasks, and emailing tasks. If you'd like to get the most out of Wunderlist, there are a few subscription services available.

Notable Apps

  • $7.99

    Firetask - Project-oriented GTD Task Management for iPad

    by Gerald Aquila

    Firetask for iPad is comparable to OmniFocus 2, but it’s a little simpler, not as pretty, and less stable. Firetask has an attractive interface that’s understandable without much explanation and includes some nice touches such as icons to represent categories for easy differentiation.

  • $19.99

    Things for iPad

    by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

    Things for iPad has an attractive interface that manages to be both clean and robust at the same time. Things offers a similar amount of organization and customization options as OmniFocus, but the app is far more intuitive to use.

  • $14.99


    by Guided Ways Technologies Ltd

    2Do's focus is on integrating tasks with your calendar; as such, its interface is divided into “calendars” instead of the more traditional projects or folders. Although this attractive and clear interface helps 2Do shine as a short-term project/task manager, it does not make it the best option for long term project or goal management.

  • $3.99

    Toodledo: Todo Lists - Notes - Outlines - Habits

    by Toodledo

    Toodledo could be classified as notable simply for its inclusion of an integrated, easy to read user guide! Aside from the instructions, Toodledo sets itself apart by being almost too customizable (the number of options can be overwhelming) and by incorporating many features (it can even be linked to your Twitter and Facebook accounts).

  • Free

    Todoist: To-Do List | Task Manager

    by Doist

    Todoist is a great task manager that you can access and sync from your iPhone, iPad, internet browser, or through email. Todoist has a beautiful interface and you can create simple shopping lists or an extravagant project checklist, whichever you are needing at any moment. You can even integrate your lists with Google Drive, Cloud Magic, Sunrise Calendar, Toggl, and more.

  • Free

    Swipes - To do list & Task manager to Plan, Schedule and Achieve your goals.

    by Swipes Incorporated

    Swipes is a task manager that differs slightly than the other apps in this AppGuide. Swipes puts your tasks on a timeline, allowing you to snooze the tasks that aren't top priority at the moment. Notes from your Evernote account are easily attachable to tasks that you input, making this app a fantastic way to stay organized. The app is beautiful and the interface is crisp and colorful. There is even a way for you to view your achievements.

  • Free

    Handle: To Do List + Inbox + Calendar

    by Handle, Inc.

    Handle is great for the extreme busy body. You can manage your to-do list on a daily timeline, take a gander at your inbox, and view your calendar all from within Handle. Swiping from to the right will even turn an email into a task that you can add to your to-do list. The app is quite polished looking. but isn't an app you want if you prefer a simple check list.

  • $2.99


    by Hand Carved Code, LLC

    Priorities is a well-crafted list-based Universal app that includes many user-customizable options. The app will probably appeal to anyone who wants a slightly more customizable version of Wunderlist. It also includes access to its own sync server.

  • Free

    Pocket Informant - Calendar & Tasks

    by Web Information Solutions, Inc.

    Including Pocket Informant HD in this Guide is a bit unfair, because it is more of a planner than a traditional task manager. The app, however, earns its spot by being a fantastic option for people who want an app to integrate with their existing systems, specifically Google, Evernote, or Toodledo. Leaving aside the notes, calendars, and contacts, Pocket Informant HD is a fully-featured task manager with a touch-based (and thus more iOS-friendly) interface.

  • $4.99

    Awesome Note for iPad (To-do/Calendar/Reminder/Memo)

    by BRID

    Like Pocket Informant, Awesome Note for iPad is technically more of a Planner than a task manager, but it does such a good job with tasks that it’s worth including. The app stores and organizes notes, tasks, and lists. Awesome Note's task manager has a clean interface, multiple viewing options, and virtually no learning curve.

Decent Apps

  • Free

    To Do List for Nozbe HD

    by Macoscope sp. z o.o.

    Nozbe To Do for iPad is another app in the GTD style, with an inbox, next, labels, projects, calendars, etc. Although the app is attractive, it doesn’t have anything special or unique.

  • $4.99

    TaskTask HD

    by Ryan Gregg LLC

    TaskTask HD’s only stand-out feature is an integrated sync with Microsoft Exchange. Aside from that option, the app is a fairly generic list-based task manager, with a few options to set categories, importance, reminders, and viewing options. It also syncs with Google Tasks.

  • Free

    Do! - The Best Simple To Do List

    by SU WON SHIN

    Do! is the task manager that has a youthful feel to it. Your to-do list looks like it is on a sheet of paper and the font used in this app has a handwritten feel to it. You can sort your tasks by color coding them and password protection is included if you need that for your to-do list.

  • Free


    by Binary Hammer

    30/30 is probably one of the more interesting apps in this guide. As you set up your list, you set times for each task. Once you start the timer, the app will tell you when it's time for the next task. It isn't your typical to-do list, but it may wok for some.

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