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Personal Database Apps

Keeping track of your stuff has always been a problem. In the digital age we now have virtual stuff to track as well. As time goes on the amount of data that surrounds us continues to grow exponentially. Fortunately, the digital age also brings solutions to organize and track personal data and what better way to have access to your data than on your iPhone or iPad? This AppGuide will feature apps to create, edit, and access personal databases on the go. From accessing your FileMaker databases to keeping a home inventory, you are sure to find a database app that suits your needs.

Essential Apps

HanDBase for iPad - Database Manager

by DDH Software, Inc

DDH Software has been in the handheld database business since the first Palm handhelds and it shows. HanDBase for iPhone and iPad is a powerful database manager with flexibility for most data-tracking needs. The companion desktop application makes accessing your data easy no matter where you happen to be working, or simply launch a browser and download your databases directly. An extensive template library, coupled with an easy-to-use setup wizard, and exhaustive list of field types makes creating custom databases a breeze. Whether you choose just the iPhone app, or instead purchase HandBase for your Mac and iPad as well, you won't go wrong with HandBase to manage your personal data.

Notable Apps

Tap Forms Organizer and Secure Database

by Tap Zapp Software Inc.

If you're wanting an easy to use database app for the iPhone with pre-made templates then Tap Forms Database is worth your time. This is a well-designed and easy to use personal data manager. Custom forms are also available if one of the templates doesn't have what you're looking for. Import and export options include email support, web and ftp options, as well as recently added Dropbox support. It doesn't have a companion desktop app, but your data is available to other apps via .csv export.

Decent Apps

DataTap database - Free backup app Mac+PC

by VenticentoStudio

DataTap database ships with a modest set of templates for personal, finance, family, work, and hobby categories. Emailing data out of DataTap results in only a text email, no .csv attachment. Fortunately, DataTap provides a free iBackup app for your Mac, where you can wirelessly sync your databases and then import/export .csv files. DataTap lacks some of the field flexibility options that other apps have, but is a decent and affordable personal database solution for your iPhone.

My Stuff

by Rick Maddy

My Stuff is geared toward cataloguing media and home inventory. Default field types help to make data entry faster and lookup lists are specialized for books, movies, and video games. The user interface is straightforward and simple to use. If your personal database needs are centered around home inventory and media then My Stuff is for you.

StoreItPro Business Forms

by Facdatum Limited

StoreItPro Business Forms includes a modest set of templates for tracking sales, projects, contacts, and personal items. The design is simplistic and lacks polish. Data may imported and exported as tab-delimited files through a simple web application when you are on the same network as your computer. In addition to importing and exporting text files, your database may also be backed up and restored. StoreIt Pro is also available in a less expensive lite version.


by Frederic Bayle

If you have a 4D database that you need to access on the go, then iSort is for you. Any application or database from a 4D Web Server may be accessed remotely on your iDevice via iSort. iSort also includes some intelligent bandwidth management. If you are accessing a very large database you can choose when to sync in order to optimize the bandwidth available.

CSV Touch

by Ozymandias

If you don't need to edit your databases but instead want a simple viewer on the go then check out CSV Touch. Since most database applications can export to .csv files, you can import just about any table from whatever you're using to view your databases from your computer. CSV Touch can import via FTP, email attachment, and even Dropbox. While it would be nice to edit these files on the go, if your needs are simple you may enjoy CSV Touch.

My Database Manager

by C.E.O.

My Database Manager is for SQLite users with web server support for importing and exporting SQLite databases and .csv files. Searching and managing data is straightforward and the included templates make database creation simple.

SQLite Database Console

by Facdatum Limited

If you're a SQLite user the SQLite Database Console allows you to take SQLite databases with you and have full access to them. This is also great for conceptual database design. You can connect over WiFi to transfer and backup databases.

Other Apps
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