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Best Calculators For The iPhone

We are all pretty familiar with the iPhone’s built-in calculator. Are you looking for additional features or options? There are many other calculator apps available in the App Store that can help you out. In this AppGuide, we compare our favorite third party calculator apps.

Essential Apps

MyScript Calculator

by Vision Objects

If you are looking for something special, look no further than MyScript Calculator. This amazing app for iPhone and iPad allows you to write whatever math equations you need to on your iDevice's screen. After doing so, MyScript will digitally convert your numbers into text. The feel is completely natural, as if writing on paper, and answers are presented in real time. There is a redo/undo function, and the app itself works incredibly fast. Choose just about any type of variable to solve and MyScript will deliver. This app is essential to have on your iPhone or iPad.

Calc Pro - The Top Mobile Calculator!

by Panoramic Software Inc.

Calculator for iPhone - Calc Pro is quite amazing. It costs $9.99, and is worth every penny. This app has 10 calculators in one. There is a basic calculator for your every day needs, a scientific calculator with RPN mode, a graphic calculator with eight available equations, a financial calculator including ten worksheets, and even a unit converter with 18 categories that give more than 3,000 conversions. The UI of Calc Pro is simply stunning. There are also five of each: display options, calculating modes, and different styles of skins. There are so many extras that it is almost mind boggling, making this an essential calculator app to have on your iPhone.

Digits, the calculator for humans

by Shift

Digits, the calculator for humans is not only an App Store staff favorite, but an AppAdvice favorite as well. This universal app makes calculating fun and intuitive with its fantastic look. Digits keeps a digital tape (or printout) of everything you calculate. Switch between tapes and easily find others using the beautiful tape browser. AirPrint is included to make printing out your tapes easy. Bluetooth keyboard support is included, along with high resolution support for the iPhone 5. You can even change the colors of your keypad or buttons. Digits is a wonderful alternative to the other two essentials mentioned above.

Notable Apps

PCalc - The Best Calculator

by TLA Systems Ltd.

PCalc - The Best Calculator is a feature packed app. This app can be a complete replacement of a scientific calculator for many people. PCalc is the app for those of us that need pure power when computing on the iPhone. There are conversion tools included, and you are able to create your own with its built-in editing function. If you would like to share your conversions with others, this app makes it a breeze, as you are able to sync via iCloud and share to multiple devices. There are also various calculator skins. PCalc has the same $9.99 price tag as Calc Pro, and is well worth it.


by Tim O's Studios

This app has a nice, simple UI. Calculator% is a basic calculator app, which is what makes it so great. The buttons are clear, and it is perfect for every day use. Sometimes, simplicity can go a long way. Calculator% is a universal app, providing landscape mode and retina display for the iPad as well. Those looking for a calculator with big buttons and ease of use will find this app to come in quite handy.

Calc for iPhone

by lancio

Calc for iPhone is for those that prefer simplicity and an interface that replicates calculating on paper. Instead of your traditional LED area of digit display, there is a live digital paper. This area helps you keep track of your calculations, as well as keeping a history of what you have done. Calc for iPhone supports the iPhone 5, and has added an easy scrolling feature that makes it simple to input numbers. With a 99 cent price tag, we would recommend Calculator% before trying this app out.

Decent Apps

Calcbot — The Intelligent Calculator

by Tapbots

CalcBot is a polished, universal calculator app. The audio makes you feel as if you are operating an old school calculator, and the live history feature comes in handy. You can look up previous calculations with ease. The calculations also display what you just entered, so you do not risk entering the same number twice. However, would be wonderful if Tapbots would update this app for the iPhone 5. If you have an iPhone 4S and an older operating system, it is worth the download.


by Alexander Clauss

TouchCalc is an app that offers nothing special or out of the ordinary. The design itself is pretty boring, and the colors are quite ugly. There isn’t too much to like about this app. TouchCalc does work and does what it says, but this app is not one you would want to look at all day. Thankfully, the app is free.

Other Apps
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