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Car Finder Apps

Everyone loses track of their car. Thanks to the iPhone's GPS, compass, and data connection, these apps have some true potential to help you in times of need. We have gathered up the best car tracking apps in the App Store and compared them in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Honk - Find Car, Parking Meter Alarm and Nearby Places

by Math Game House LLC

Honk - Park, Swipe to set Parking Meter Alarm and Find Your Car! is a great app. Honk is simple and elegant and includes little things like updating your app icon with remaining time on your meter. Beyond the basic photo capture capability, the app will let you annotate on top of that photo to truly capture where you are. Also included is a map which automatically drops a pin when you park to make it easy to find your car. Finding your way back to the car is the only area that could be improved, as many of the other apps have more detailed and helpful maps. Still, no other app is as simple, reliable and elegant to use.

Notable Apps

iFind My Car

by Mobility-BR Consultoria LTDA - EPP

Walk Me To My Car is the best alternative to the essential apps. Simply hit the “Pin Car” button when you park your car. When you're ready to return simply hit the “Walk Me” button. The walking directions are the best we have seen in any app. Some other features include a parking timer and a vibrate function when you near your car. Walk Me To My Car doesn't include every feature in the toolbox, but for what it does have, it is a great app.

iReturn - hitta tillbaka

by Christoffer Miranda

If you are looking for a more extensive location finding app, iReturn is your best bet. You are able to share your location with others, share directions, track your speed, and even estimate your current address. Best of all, the app is completely free. This is a great complement to the essential apps and a wonderful addition to any iPhone.

Find Your Car with AR: Augmented Car Finder

by AugmentedWorks

Find Your Car with AR: Augmented Car Finder is yet another free option. Augmented reality makes this a truly unique app. When you park, simply tap the “Car Finder” button. When you're ready to return, hit another button and the app will guide you back to your car. The app has okay accuracy and is fun to use. It is an app you will want to try, but it may not end up working for you.

Decent Apps

Find my car - myPark Pro

by Naxx Technologies

Find my car - myPark Pro looks good on paper, but in actuality is a terrible app. The app is simply unreliable. The feature set is fantastic, but the app itself is not useful in finding your car. You are able to locate your position, take a photo, take a note, and it all saves automatically. The automatic location finder is inaccurate. There is also no support for metered parking in this app. We can only hope the app improves in the near future.

Other Apps
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