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Altimeter Apps

Have you ever wondered what your altitude is? How high up you are on this hill? You could, of course, purchase an altimeter. There are a few apps that can actually help you with this as well. You may have mixed results depending on where you are. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps


by Sichtwerk GmbH, Appenzell

Altimeter+ is the essential elevation calculation app. The app uses ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) to find your altitude. There is also a GPS mode. We found this app to be one of the more accurate ones. The app is well-designed and provides some solid information. A must-have for those curious about their altitude.

Elevation Chart

by Raybbo

Elevation Charts is just as amazing as Altimeter+. As the name implies, this Google Maps-based app allows you to get the elevation of any location! This functionality should be included with the built-in maps app, but it isn’t. You can even chart the elevation between two points in a cool chart mode. This view will also show you the walking distance in feet or meters. The charts are very accurate and provide a fun way to see how high you really are.

Notable Apps

Elevation Geo

by Code Stork, LLC

Elevation Geo is a nice alternative to one of the essential apps. It is an easy-to-use app that will also allow you to search for a certain location. The iPad version feels more like an upscaling rather than a true reworking for the larger screen. Elevation Geo is a nice app well worth the $0.99.

Elevation Pro

by Precognitive Research, LLC

Elevation Pro is another fantastic option. The app is similar to Elevation Geo. One cool bit of functionality included is the ability to tweet out your current elevation. The interface is okay and provides most of the same functionality that other apps of this kind do.

Decent Apps

Current Elevation

by alcre8or

Current Elevation is a very simple, but free app. As the name says, it displays your current elevation. We would love to see the ability to look up coordinates. For a free app, it is pretty good and offers what it says it does in both meters and feet.

Altitude App

by Piet Jonas

Altitude app is like a paid version of Current Elevation. It has a better interface than Current Elevation, but for the limited functionality, we would look elsewhere. The app simply tells you your current altitude.

Other Apps
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