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The Best Word Search Games For iPad

The word search game was always one of my favorite types of games to play when I was younger. I would go through the pages, searching tediously for the correct words to circle. Eventually, I grew tired of them, moving on to other games. Once the iPad was introduced, I rediscovered my love for them. It is quite fun playing word search games on your iPad. You don't have to flip through pages, getting newspaper marks on your fingers. No more erasing your mistakes, leaving blackened spots that made it hard to see the words. The iPad has renewed the hobby of word search games, making playing more relaxing and enjoyable. In this AppGuide, we compare some of the best word search game apps available for the iPad in the App Store.

Essential Apps

Word Search Unlimited HD: 1000+ Categories

by Othugi

Word Search Unlimited HD: 1000+ Categories is an impressive word search game. The app has over 1,000 word lists, including over 94,000 words. There are Classic and Action game modes, three different board sizes, 53 stunning backgrounds, and many other features. This iPad app goes the extra mile by including foreign words with English translations (Spanish, Italian, French, Latin, and German). Word Search Unlimited HD: 1000+ Categories is for the serious word game lover, and is an essential iPad word search app.

Word Search Puzzles

by IceMochi

Word Search Puzzles has a clean, bright UI. The app also sports some fun features. Are you a zombie or pirate fan? If so, you'll have a blast searching for phrases related to such themes. There are endless puzzles to choose from, making it almost impossible to get bored. Word Search Puzzles features "Vocab Challenges" to help broaden your vocabulary, the option to play again in order to beat your last score, and you can listen to your own music while searching for words. There are in-app purchases, but I found it pleasurable to play without paying a dime. Word Search Puzzles will also work on your other iDevices, and is an essential word search app.

⋆Word Search

by Brainium Studios LLC

*Word Search has been a staple on my iPad for quite a while. It has a colorful, easy-to-use interface. There are tons of categories that include everything from music, foods, and even astronomy. Each category contains a large number of puzzles, and the English categories boast more than 8,000 words. *Word Search is definitely a well-thought out app, and though it isn't as fancy-looking as some of the others, it is just as essential as the other two mentioned above.

Notable Apps

Back & Forth

by Larry Snyder

Back & Forth is not your traditional word search app. This universal app is part word search and part word game. Rather than search for words from a list, you simply find as many words as you can (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) before time runs out. You will receive extra points for using more unusual letters. When playing the app alone, there are 24 unique puzzles to choose from. Turn your iDevice to rearrange tiles in order to find more words. Back & Forth also lets challenge your friends to a real-time, head-to-head competition on the same board using Bluetooth or Game Center. The graphics are enhanced especially for the iPad, and a recent update has added 55,934 new words. This app has many features that will delight all word search fans. You can also find the free version linked below.

Word Search Art

by Cookie's Apps

Word Search Art is one of the most unique iPad word search games that I have come across. As you search for the words listed, a picture begins to reveal itself. Not sure what a word means? Simply tap on the word twice, and the definition will be shown. Word Search Art allows for endless entertainment because the puzzles are constantly changing. There are some in-app purchases for extra puzzles should you decide you want even more.

Word Search Party

by Lightwood Consultancy Ltd

Word Search Party is a universal and attractive app. You are able to play head-to-head or online against up to three opponents in real time. This app is incredibly helpful for teachers, as you can connect it to a projector or monitor via VGA/HDMI (this function is available on any version of the iPad). Word Search Party has an unlimited amount of puzzles that change each time you play, keeping you focused and entertained. If you are playing this app on the iPad, many users can play at the same time without interfering with another player's actions. Also exclusive to iPad users is a fourth level of difficulty, called "extreme." There are a number of in-app purchases, such as a word list creator and extra word lists. Overall, this is a wonderful app.


by FinBlade

WordSearch lets you add your own words for a more customized experience. It's universal, so you can use it on any of your iDevices. WordSearch has no advertisements and no in-app purchases, which means you pay once and get everything offered. The app has 2,000 words, the option to play timed or at your own leisure, and 22 pretty retina-enabled backgrounds.

Decent Apps

Word Search Trivia ( WordSearch Puzzle )

by Fifth Column Labs, LLC

Word Search Trivia ( WordSearch Puzzle ) is a word search game for your iPad that looks like actual notebook paper in the background. There are three choices to pick from for words: science/animals, names, and the English dictionary. The UI is nice, but there are not as many puzzles to choose from as some of the other word search games mentioned in this AppGuide offer. The app has some advertisement, but it is not that bothersome.

WordSearch Unlimited HD


How about taking advantage of that iPad in front of you by downloading a word search game that really shows off its beautiful screen? WordSearch Unlimited HD is a word search game that features unlimited puzzles (with each one being unique), three levels of game difficulties, lists from popular categories, lists of foreign words, auto save, local scoreboard, and themes like notepad and chalkboard. With word list categories like food & drink, fruit & vegetable, colors, music, countries, and many more, how can you go wrong? The one flaw is that the font is tiny and hard to read. If you want to see it for yourself without obligation, check out the free version linked below.

WordSearch HD

by AFKSoft

WordSearch HD is a nice iPad word search app that features daily puzzles. The app has three difficulty levels, a leaderboard for ranking global scores, and even has puzzles that will show in the shape of a rainbow or other patterns. However, the last time this app was updated, it was very noticable that puzzles were rarely (if ever) showing up with any shapes at all. If you do not mind that your word searches don't show up in patterns, it is still worth a try. Not sure you want to spend the money? Check out the free version linked below.

Other Apps
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