Learning the alphabet on your iPhone

Learn those ABCs


Learning the alphabet can now be done on an iPhone. There are tons of apps out there for this. Some help you learn how to write the characters, while others help you learn the order, how they sound, and other helpful things. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

  • $2.99

    Interactive Alphabet ABC's

    by Piikea St. LLC

    Interactive Alphabet is the essential alphabet teaching app for iOS. This app runs on both the iPhone and iPad. The app is fun and original. The developers even created their very own ABC song for this app. A baby mode is included, which auto-advances the alphabet cards. What makes this app fantastic is that it is interactive. As the title suggests, each letter can be played with. For example you can play a xylophone, zip a zipper, and so on. It is an audio/visual experience using this immersive app. Interactive Alphabet is the essential alphabet app for iOS.

  • $2.99

    Starfall ABCs

    by Starfall Education

    The popular site, Starfall, has taken their ABCs section from their site and compacted it into a mobile app for you to tote around on the go. Your child can see, hear, and interact with letters and sounds in the many activities and games offered within the app through positive reinforcement. The Starfall website is used in many schools and by many parents to give their young learners an early start to reading.

Notable Apps

  • $0.99

    Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards for Kids

    by Innovative Language Learning, LLC

    Alphabet Animals - Talking ABC Cards for Kids is another high quality alphabet app for the iPhone. Each card includes audio that says the name of the animal, the name of the letter, and a simple phrase that includes that letter. There are numerous animations and sounds that happen when you interact with the cards. You truly feel like this app was designed for kids when using this app.

  • $3.99

    Bogga Alphabet

    by Boggatap

    Remember those fridge magnets that you used to play with as a child? Bogga Alphabet makes learning your ABCs fun by coloring in letters that turn into those magnets. Your child will enjoy listening to the sounds each letter makes and using those "fridge magnets" to spell out words on a virtual refrigerator. This app is full of color and you can even take a photo of your magnets on the fridge.

  • $0.99

    Alphabet Zoo

    by Third Rail, LLC

    This universal app is fully approved by teachers and learning boards. Load the app up and tap on a letter. It will pronounce the letter. Tap again and it will sound it out once more. After a few taps an animal will appear with its name spoken. Alphabet Zoo is simple and effective. If you are looking for an app to help your child learn the letters, this is a great free option.

Decent Apps

  • Free

    Alphabet Tracing

    by Oncilla Technologies Inc

    This app will help your child learn how to create the different characters in the alphabet. It includes both lower case and upper case letters. The free app also works on the iPad natively and is great for the early reader.

  • $2.99

    Preschool Connect the Dots Game to Learn Numbers and the Alphabet with 200+ Puzzles

    by Murtha Design Inc.

    With this app you simply connect the dots to draw out different shapes. Your child will learn numerical order quickly with these puzzles. They’ll also learn about the alphabet in these numerous puzzles.

Other Apps