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Learning About Zoo Animals

Are your kids eager to learn about zoo animals? Of course you can't get to the zoo every day, but we've found some apps you and your child can use when you're at home or on the go. We compare our favorite zoo education apps in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Pocket Zoo ™ with Live Animal Cams

by Tiny Hearts Limited

Pocket Zoo with Live Animal Cams is the essential zoo education app for the iPhone. This app truly is a pocket zoo! Included are over 30 live animal cameras. This app is the next best thing to actually visiting a zoo. When the live cams are boring there are over 150 pre-recorded videos and more than 40 illustrations, photos and sounds. This app will not only educate and entertain children, but adults too. Pocket Zoo is the app to have.

ABA Flash Cards – Animals


The other essential app is ABA Flash Cards - Zoo Animals. The content is top notch. The cards clearly show the animal, the name, and there is even classical music to help you learn better. The app is currently free, but that may change. This is the best flash card styled zoo app in the App Store and an essential one for those wanting to learn about zoo animals.

Notable Apps

ZOOLA Animals

by Best kids Apps

Zoola lets your children see animals as a family. Included in the app are more than 250 photos and sounds from the animal kingdom. The app aims to provide images of mom, dad, and baby animal photos. A feeling of togetherness is promoted throughout the app. This iPad/iPhone app is a perfect addition to any zoo learner’s device.

Let's Hear the Animals! (Animal Sounds) HD

by Michael Sheehan

Let’s Hear the Animals! (Animal Sounds) HD provides a wonderful way to explore the animal kingdom. Included in this iPad/iPhone app are around 40 animals complete with a high resolution image and the sounds they make. The app will even speak to you the name of the animal in either English or Spanish. The interface is designed for children. A wonderful app at a wonderful price.

Explore the Animal Kingdom

by Mathieu Brassard

Explore the Animal Kingdom includes 92 high quality flash cards on animals. The cards will speak the animal’s name, play an animal sound, and show a high quality image of that animal. You can even play multiple animal sounds at once to create your very own jungle atmosphere. A nice app that is priced okay at $1.99.

Decent Apps

Vocal Zoo - Animal Flash Cards for children Full Version HD

by Funny i Games

Vocal Zoo+ packs in nearly 70 different animal pictures/sounds. The images look great. The sounds are informative. A very simple app that can help you learn a little bit about the animal kingdom. We would recommend Let’s Hear The Animals if you are looking for this kind of an app.

Other Apps
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