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Metronome Apps For The iPad

Metronomes have become very advanced through apps available on the iPhone. The iPad opens up another world of opportunities through its larger screen. We compare the best ones out there in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

Subdivide Metronome

by Marcus Cavanaugh, Inc.

Subdivide Metronome is the essential metronome app for the iPad. Those familiar with the Dr. Beat will feel right at home. We found it actually easier to use than a physical metronome and look forward to future software updates that a physical box could never have. It will run on the iPhone too, which makes it that much more flexible. The sound is nice and loud. The tempo is very accurate and easy to adjust. Mixed meters and other advanced options are included within the app. Subdivide Metronome is the only metronome app you will ever need.

Notable Apps

Visual Metronome

by One More Muse

Visual Metronome is a very solid app. However, the interface leaves a lot to be desired. The functionality is top notch and includes some things that the essential app does not. These include full background support (use a sheet music app while using this one) and a customizable click sound. Just like the essential app, this one will run on the iPhone too. Visual Metronome is the app to get for those on a tighter budget.

Tap Metronome

by Dan Soper

Tap Metronome is your bare bones free option. Limitations include a poor interface for the iPad and limited beats per measure. Just as the name suggests, you can tap to set your tempo. We could not be more thrilled that a free option is out there. There are no ads that would render it unusable. The iPhone interface is much better and in time the iPad interface may improve. Those needing a free option should give this one a try.

Decent Apps

BeatDown Metronome

by Pineapple Street Software

BeatDown Metronome is an even more basic free option. The goal of the app is deliver a great sounding click/beep. To adjust tempo you simply slide your finger across a slider. There is no tap to determine your tempo. The interface is even more bare bones than Tap Metronome. BeatDown Metronome is an app that is good for those that care only about simplicity.

Setlist Metronome

by Diatche Software

Setlist Metronome is a little overpriced for what it provides. The features that make it stand out are the different methods of beat notification. Notification options include vibrate (not on the iPad), flash, click, or a visual counter. Tapping on the screen can be used to set the tempo, just as in many of the other apps including the essential one. The interface for the iPad is more of a blown up iPhone app. In many cases the interface is fine. You will quickly realize that when using it the developers did not take the time and care to create a unique iPad app. For $4.99, Setlist Metronome is simply not worth it.

Metronome HD

by Solutions SW

Metronome HD feels like an incomplete work project app. The graphics included are pretty, but the controls and functionality of the app are extremely limited. There are several free options that have more features and are easier to use. Avoid this app at all costs until it improves (the app was reviewed at version 2.0).

iMetronome™ HD

by Appetite Studios

iMetronome HD is another app to avoid. The app is overpriced and under featured. The included graphics are pretty, but the app is plagued with bugs and crashes. For $2.99 we could not find a worse way to spend your money.

Other Apps
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