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Spelling study aid apps

Even in this digital age of autocorrect and spell checkers, both young and old need to learn how to spell words. There is a foundation that must be developed before these great tools can help out. There are some nice apps to help you with this on the iPhone. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Essential Apps

My Spell Test - The Custom Spelling Test Creator

by Ipoxi

My Spell Test - The Custom Spelling Test Creator is the essential spelling aid app. There is no better way to test your spelling than by actually taking a spelling test. Simply enter the word list and record yourself saying each word. The app is then ready to test you. You will hear the word and you will then type in how you think the word is spelled. At the end of the test it will show you how well you did. It is a very simple app, but very powerful. Imagine students now being able to do true self testing. This is a technology that would have blown our minds a few years ago.

Notable Apps

SpellDown Spelling Bee

by mike haberman

SpellDown Spelling Bee is a nice alternative to the essential app. The functionality is nearly the same. We prefer the simplicity and design of My Spell Test. We also dislike how this app uses a custom keyboard, which can be distracting. The one advantage you may find in this app is that it will fetch audio for your tests, which saves time in the setup process. A nice app that some may prefer over the essential.

Build A Word - Easy Spelling - Learn to Spell Sight Words, Long Vowel and Short Vowel Words

by @Reks

Build a Word - Easy Spelling - Learn to Spell Sight Words, Long Vowel and Short Vowel Words is the alternative to the essential app. This app aims to help you understand how to put letters together to form words. You can use your own spelling list for quizzing too. The child- friendly app is great for those of a relatively young age. It is clear this app was created by those that understand learning and for those of an appropriate age it is a must-have.

Miss Spell's Class

by, LLC

Miss Spell’s Class is another top notch spelling app for the iPhone. Created by the owners, this app will test you against the most misspelled words in the English language. There are a few ads, but in a free app that is to be expected. The interface is easy to navigate through. This is a great app for not only students, but those that simply want to get better at spelling.

iSpell 123

by Ayi-Chi Systems

Having trouble spelling out numbers? Well, iSpell 123 will alleviate these struggles. This app asks you to transform either numbers into words or words into numbers. The app is easy to use and effective in teaching. You can set up perimeters to ensure that you are testing on your problem range. A great addition to your spelling app folder.

Decent Apps

Word Fall

by Charles Joseph

Word Fall is an interesting free game. Simply catch letters as they are falling from the sky to spell out words. This is not a replacement of the essential app, but a fun game for those working on spelling and word creation.

Other Apps
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