Text To Speech Apps For iPad

Listen instead of reading with these apps


The iPad can be a great tool for the speech impaired. The large built-in speaker make it an even better choice than an iPhone to replace one's voice. This AppGuide will help you pick out the best text-to-speech app available for the iPad. Keep in mind, with newer model iPads, you can choose "Speak Selection" in the settings to hear any highlighted text.

Essential Apps

  • $1.99

    Speak it! Text to Speech

    by Future Apps Inc.

    Speak it! is the essential app for converting written words into spoken words. The app includes four high quality voices. The app is only $1.99 and includes some very advanced features. The app will highlight your words as they are read and can even save your spoken words as an audio file. The app also includes a pause button in case you need to take a break for a long reading. The app also lets you change the playback rate. The app is multitasking ready allowing for background playback and fast user switching. The app is an essential because of its low price point, high quality of voices, great feature set, and continued development.

  • $4.99

    Web Reader HD - Text to Speech Page Reader

    by Chris Chauvin

    Web Reader HD is a web browser designed to read the web to you. The app is a great alternative to other apps that only work with you inputting text. The app allows you to choose where in the web page you want it to start reading. The app can also be configured to start reading once loaded. The app has an interface designed to help you play, pause and hear the web. The app will even continue reading the web to you in the background if you are running iOS 4.2. The app comes with two great voices (one male and one female). The app includes playback speed settings. The app also lets you open web pages that you are looking at right up within Web Reader HD through a bookmarklet. The app can also read files synced to your Dropbox account. The app supports HTML, plain text, Microsoft Word, and RTF files. If you are in the market for a web browser that reads to you this is the app to get.

Notable Apps

  • Free


    by SITG.mobi

    SpeakPad is a great alternative to SpeakIt for those that do not want to spend any money. The app comes with one built-in voice called Heather. The built-in voice sounds great and is on par with many of the other apps. SpeakPad allows the user to change the text playback rate. The app does let you pause your playback and lets you save documents and open those saved documents. SpeakPad also lets you have multiple documents open at once. It allows for you to flick through your open documents and includes a page indicator at the bottom (like your home screen) to indicate how many pages are available. The app also has text sharing built in. The app will send the text (not audio) through email, Twitter, or Facebook. SpeakPad features a store where you can buy voices for $1.99. The store can be buggy at times and it is recommended to just stick with the free voice and go to Speak it! for any paid services. If you are looking for a great free alternative to Speak it!, then this is it.

  • Free

    Voice Generator

    by Pocket Books

    Voice Generator is a simple app that speaks text you input. The voices sound more computer generated than many of the other apps available. The app does let you customize the voice through pitch, variance, and speed settings. The interface is well done. The app advertises that it comes with five voices when in fact you only get two voices with the ability to buy other voices for $0.99 a piece. The app annoys the user with popups requesting to download another free app by the same developer. The app is more highly tuned to deliver a single sentence rather than a full page of text. The app simply cannot compete with Speak it! or SpeakPad which put this one to shame. But, if you are looking for a computer sounding voice for whatever reason this is a great free option.

Decent Apps

  • $0.99


    by IAM Web Services

    Text2Speech is a bad version of SpeakPad. The interface is very similar to SpeakPad, only this time the app costs money. The app requires you to have an Internet connection to work. The app includes 11 voices and allows you to pause playback. The app is extremely buggy and should be avoided.

  • Free

    Text 2 Talk HD

    by Gplex

    Text2Talk HD is an extremely expensive app that aims to allow you to text to people who only have voice plans. The app will take text you input and call any phone speaking that text. The app is $99.99 and for that price point I am not sure who we would recommend this app to. Even at that high price point there are in-app purchases which will be required to make use of the calling after all of your initial calls are used up. The app could be great but, the price is truly killing it. If you are someone with a need for something like this then it is available.

  • Free

    Read It

    by Smackall Games Pvt Ltd

    ReadIt is a free app that converts text to spoken text. The voice included is very robotic in nature and does not sound as good as Speak it! or SpeakPad. The app is very limited in its feature set. The app lets you copy/paste text into the app and will read it back. The only other feature available is the ability to send that audio to others through the built in email sharing functionality. If you are looking for an alternative to some of the better apps this one is an option.

Voice to Text Apps

  • Free

    Dragon Dictation

    by Nuance Communications

    If you are looking for an app that does speech to text then this is the app for you. Dragon Dictation stands in a class on its own on the iPad. The accuracy is fantastic and the app is free. The app recognizes standard diction commands such as new line, new paragraph, question mark, and much more. The app has email, Twitter and Facebook sharing options. If you are looking for a great dictation app this is the one for you.

Other Apps