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iPad Apps With Great Mac Apps

The Mac App Store has introduced Mac users to the iPad method of buying apps. This AppList will feature iPad apps that also have Mac counterpart apps available in the Mac App Store. These iPad apps may interact directly with the Mac app, or it may simply be the iPad version of the app. So if you are a Mac user looking to be running the same apps on both platforms, then this AppList is for you.

Chopper 2

by Majic Jungle Software

Chopper 2 is a game that runs on both your iPhone and your iPad. The concept is to steer a chopper to rescue allies and destroy enemies. The iPad can also be controlled with your iPhone through a Wi-Fi connected remote. The Mac app takes the iPad app and clones it. Both apps allows iPhones to control it and the interface is nearly identical. The one difference to the Mac app is that you can now use a keyboard and mouse to control the game.


by Stand Alone, Inc.

Crosswords is one of the greatest crossword apps for the iPad. The app is loaded up with new content every day. The app can now sync with a counterpart Mac app so your progress is mirrored on whatever device or computer you use. If you are looking for a great crossword app on the iPad, this is it.

Angry Birds HD

by Rovio Entertainment Ltd

Angry Birds HD is a fantastic game for the iPad. The app has made its way onto the Mac App Store. The only way you can currently integrate the two is by restoring your game saved state on the Mac or iPad. The game data can be moved between the two apps by using eCamm’s PhoneDrive and on the Mac doing a right click to reveal package contents of the app. Angry Birds is a highly addictive app and it now has a great version for the Mac.

The Incident

by Big Bucket Software

The Incident is a retro styled arcade game for the iPad, iPhone and now the Mac. The iPad game can even be hooked up to your television for a more console-like experience. When you use the iPad in television mode your iPhone will be used as the controller. The Mac app currently does not integrate with the iPad or iPhone, but offers the same game optimized for the Mac.

Pinball HD

by OOO Gameprom

Pinball HD is one of the best pinball apps for the iPad. The Mac version does not connect with the iPad, but instead offers a great version of the same app for the Mac. The game features three pinball tables and accelerometer controlled viewing angles. The app does include multiplayer and many more features. If you are a pinball fan, then this is the app to grab for your Mac and iPad.

Flight Control HD

by Firemint Pty Ltd

Flight Control HD is a game now available on both the iPad and the Mac. The iPad and the Mac do not interact at all. The Mac version is a simple clone of the Mac app with a keyboard and mouse interface. The goal of the game is to manage an airport. In the game you are an air traffic controller. The game gets quite challenging as more and more planes come in. If you are looking for a wonderful time management game for the iPad and Mac, then this is a wonderful title to pick up.

Osmos for iPad

by Hemisphere Games

Osmos for iPad was the game of the year in Apple’s eyes and now Osmos is available for the Mac. The concept of the game is to grow into a larger life-force. Moving in the game requires you to lose part of your size, so you must balance moving and growing. The game is both soothing and challenging. The game is also available for the iPhone. Osmos is a great game no matter what Apple device or computer you use.

OmniFocus for iPad

by The Omni Group

OmniFocus is a GTD/to do app for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The iPad app features forecast mode to help you see into the future and help you accomplish tasks that need done sooner rather than later. The iPad app will sync over 3G or Wi-Fi to the iPhone and Mac versions of the app. OmniFocus is a professional grade app and it is priced as such. If you are looking for a fantastic GTD solution, then OmniFocus is a great choice.


by The Omni Group

OmniGraffle is a better version of Microsoft Visio for the iPad and Mac. The iPad version will open up any OmniGraffle document you create with the Mac version. This allows you to edit it and perfect it with the glorious touchscreen on the iPad. The iPad app is very advanced and flexible. The app has been used to create logos, storyboards, abstract music, website layouts, and much more. If you are looking to get your ideas out visually, then OmniGraffle is a great option for any iPad/Mac user.


by The Omni Group

OmniGraphSketcher on the iPad allows you to open up and work on graphs you create with the Mac version of the app. The app can also create new sketches right on the iPad. The app provides a quick way to show off graphs. The app integrates with the Mac app and provides an elegant solution for working on both platforms.


by Apple

Pages is now available in the Mac App Store. The iPad app will open up any Pages document and allow you to edit your documents on the go. You can even store your documents in a WebDAV server to be working on the same document on both your Mac and iPad. The app supports all of the great 4.2 features including AirPrint and fast app switching. If you are looking for a great word processor and page layout app for the Mac and iPad, then look no further.


by Apple

Numbers is a great app that runs on the iPad and the Mac. Numbers is a part of the iWork suite and is basically Excel for the Mac and iPad. The app allows you to create much more visual spreadsheets. The iPad app will natively open up files created with the Mac version. Numbers is a great solution for many Mac and iPad users.


by Apple

Keynote is one of the most integrated Mac apps by Apple. Keynote is a presentation app for both the Mac and iPad. Apple also sells a remote app for the iPhone that integrates with the Mac version (not yet the iPad version). Keynote offers tons of great templates and animations to build really classy presentations. The new can now also play back Keynote presentations right within the web browser. Keynote on the Mac and iPad provide the best way to share your information to a room of any size.

Things for iPad

by Cultured Code GmbH & Co. KG

Things is an iPad/iPhone and Mac to do app. Things will sync between the multiple versions as long as all of the devices are on the same network (no 3G syncing yet). Things on all of the platforms has a beautiful user interface. The app is very simple and natural, but not nearly as powerful as OmniFocus. If you are looking for a more simple approach to task management, then this could be the app for you.


by Evernote

Evernote aims to be your external brain. The app is designed to remember everything you can’t. The app will run on pretty much every platform including the Mac, iPhone and iPad. The iPad app allows you to record audio while taking typed notes. You can also place images into your notes. Evernote also recognizes text in your images making titles and tags less important. The app will also record the location of notes you take on the iPad and iPhone. The app includes a map so you can see where all of your notes were taken. If you are looking for a great note system, this free solution is one of the best.

Yojimbo for iPad

by Bare Bones Software, Inc.

Yojimbo is an information management app for the iPad and Mac. The goal of the app is to store random bits of info you can’t find a place for anywhere else. The iPad version will let you read and view your files as well as open up files in other apps for editing. Currently the Yojimbo app will not let you add new files or edit files on the iPad. The Mac app is great and having the information on the go with the iPad is truly fantastic.


by IdeasOnCanvas GmbH

MindNode is a mind mapping app for your iPhone, iPad and now the Mac. The app includes video output, which makes it very easy to share your mind maps on a projector or TV. The app can import/export files created on the Mac version of the app. If you have a need to organize your thoughts visually, then MindNode is a great option.

SketchBook Pro for iPad

by Autodesk Inc.

SketchBook Pro is now available in the Mac App Store. The iPad app provides most of the same functionality you will find in the Mac app. The iPad app can be more fun through its great touch interface. The Mac app is more highly tuned to keyboard and mouse interaction and the two apps together are a really powerful combination.


by algoriddim

Djay is the premier DJ app for the Mac and iPad. The developers also have an iPhone remote app for a truly integrated solution. The iPad app is one of the first apps to fully utilize MIDI support in iOS 4.2. The iPad app includes AirPlay output, automix mode, turntable interface, BPM analysis, pitch bend and much more. The Mac app is a version of the same iPad app, but optimized for the Mac.

eWallet - Password Manager and Secure Storage Database Wallet

by Ilium Software, Inc.

If you need a system for managing passwords, credit card information, and other secure info, then this may be an app for you. The Mac app syncs with your iPad version of the app to provide you with your secure info on the go. The app is very secure and allows for tons of user customization. You can insert your own photos to symbolize your information such as credit cards. The app is also available for the iPhone. If you are looking for a truly integrated solution, eWallet is a great product.

AudioNote - Notepad and Voice Recorder

by Luminant Software, Inc

AudioNote is a product designed to replicate the Livescribe experience on the Mac and iPad. The goal is to sync an audio recording with typed notes on either the iPad or Macintosh. The iPad app allows you to take notes by drawing on the screen or typing text. You can listen to the audio from your note taking session by simply tapping on a word or drawing. The app does allow you to export and import data to and from the Mac to the iPad. The Mac and iPad app currently do not sync in any easy way, but it is great that you can load your notes on both devices.


by Paul Pilone

Students in need of an app to help them in school should look to iHomework. The app will help you manage assignments, readings, courses, and much more. The Mac app will sync with both your iPad and iPhone to provide you with all of your info everywhere you go. The interface is beautiful and the app takes advantage of local notifications ensuring you won’t forget to do your homework for the next day. If you are a student in need of an organizational solution, this inexpensive app is a great choice.

Jumsoft Money

by Jumsoft

Jumsoft Money is a free app that syncs with Money 3 available in the Mac App Store. The iPad app needs some work as far as interface and functionality. The app does let you manage multiple accounts. The integration with the Mac works well and is worth a look. The app is free and it should continue to get better over the coming months.


by Twitter, Inc.

Twitter for the iPad and Mac are great official Twitter clients. If you get familiar with the iPad then the Mac one will be very simple to use and understand. The great thing about the Mac App Store is apps like these will work in pretty much the same way on all of your computers and devices. If you are a Twitter user, then the free Twitter apps on the iPad and Mac are a great option.

Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks

by AMZN Mobile LLC

The Kindle is the first major eBook reading platform to make its way onto the Mac App Store. The Kindle app will sync your place in your book between your Mac and iPad (as well as your other Kindle devices). If you are a Kindle user, then having the app on your iPad and Mac is a no brainer. The question is now that there is a Mac App Store, will iBooks come to the Mac?

Whistle Phone

by Vail Systems, Inc.

WhistlePhone is a free option for doing VOIP calls on your iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The apps are all free of charge and the service is still ad-free. The app allows you to make and receive calls. The iPad and iPhone app will run in the background allowing you to turn it into a true phone. If you are looking for an alternative to Skype, this is a great option.