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Bring Sword, Forget Pants In Forthcoming Hack-n-Slash iOS Game Trouserheart

Trouserheart is a forthcoming iOS app that features a pants-less hero charged with the task of slaying a hoard of ghoulish goblins.

Sequel To Hit Match-Three Orb-Shooting Game Sparkle Coming Soon To iOS

The hit Zuma-style orb-shooting game Sparkle is finally getting a sequel.

Take Down The Evil Explodz Empire With Tennis In The Face

Stop an evil energy drink from turning townsfolk into idiots in this action puzzle game.

Boom Brigade 2 Hits The App Store

Developer 10tons has just released Boom Brigade 2 in the App Store.

The Azkend 2 Puzzle Spin-Off, Puzkend, Is Now Available For iPad, iPhone, And iPod Touch

A spin-off of 10tons' striking match-3 game, Azkend 2 - The World Beneath, Puzkend hit App Store virtual shelves yesterday with a price tag of free.

A Result Of Azkend's Popularity, Puzkend Is An Upcoming Free Game By 10tons

Known for titles such as Sparkle the Game and Grim Joggers, 10tons has announced their next puzzle game, Puzkend.

10tons Announces Boom Brigade 2, The Sequel To Its Unique Line Drawing Game

September 2009, Boom Brigade was not only one of the earlier iOS games, but a game uniquely combining three genres. Today, 10tons has announced they are nearing the final stages of the sequel, Boom Brigade 2.

A Chance To Win Azkend 2 HD For iPhone And iPad

Here's your chance to win a copy of 10tons' awesome casual matching game, Azkend 2 HD ($3.99).

I Am Ironworm

Help Ironworm chase the Boss Bug through 30 levels of mayhem in Skull Peaks in this physics-based game.

Swing Into Action In 10ton's Latest Physics Platformer, Swingworm

Today, 10tons rolled out Swingworm, another quirky and cuddly creature game sprinkled with creepy, yet almost adorable villainous monsters.

Mila And The Dragons Soar Onto The iPad In 10tons' Dragon Portals HD

From the creators of Sparkle HD, Grim Joggers, and Joining Hands comes the iPad version of Dragon Portals, another great match-3 game that problem solvers can casually play for a few minutes or find themselves addicted for a few hours.

10tons' Joining Hands Puzzle Game Has Been Updated With Handfuls Of New Content

The first update to 10tons new puzzler, Joining Hands, has arrived in the App Store. The update adds a lot of new content, which is great for those who've been able to power through the six original episodes.

You'll Find It A Challenge To Join Everyone's Hands Together In 10tons Latest Puzzler

Joining Hands is the adventure of some adorable creatures who look to avoid danger while searching for lost family, and you must help them succeed.

Quick Thinking And Fast Tapping Needed To Rescue Profitville HD

Profitville HD (available for iPhone and Mac separately), borrows a theme from classic shape sorting games, adds a dash of conveyer-belt madness, and comes up with an original game that will have you tapping for hours. This game is a winner!

Now You Can Lead Your Group Of Grim Joggers Through An Alien-Infested World

Grim Joggers, 10tons' unique take on the running game genre, received an update that allows you to take your group of excited exercisers through an alien-infested world.

Sparkle The Game Available For Only $.99 For A Limited Time

For a limited time, 10tons is giving iDevice fans a 66% price discount on their Sparkle the Game orb launching game as a way to celebrate the recent addition of Game Center.

10tons Joins In On The $.99 Game Sale Fun

The $.99 game sales just keep on coming this week. First it was EA, then Gameloft, and now 10tons has joined in on the fun.

Abundante! For iPhone Now Released

Abundante! has now been released for the iPhone and is available in the App Store now! Read on to find out more about this brick-smashing jewel-catching gem of a game.

iPad App BreakDown: Sparkle HD

Sparkle is a marble shooter with a Zuma style that was ported from the PC to the iPhone. Now it's made for the iPad. Read on to find out if it's worth $4.99.

iPad App BreakDown: Hangman RSS HD & Azkend HD

Hangman RSS HD & Azkend HD bring a word game/news reader and a match three game from the iPhone to the iPad. How are the games themselves, what if you already own the iPhone version, or what if you just own an iPad? We give you the breakdown on these two very different games.

Review: Sparkle the game - Next Marble Shooter?

Sparkle is a brand new marble shooter to grace the iPhone. It's a fixed position one that is similar to Zuma, and in contrast to Luxor/Stoneloops. It's from the makers of Azkend, and has a similar story/quest mode to go with a gameplay we've seen before. Is it worth $2.99? Click through to find out.