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craneballs studios

Craneballs Studios' upcoming Overkill 3 game is a Unity-powered cover-based shooter

Craneballs Studios has just announced the upcoming release of the latest title in its popular Overkill series of shooter games.

Overkill 2 Is An Action-Packed Shooter That Will Test Your Reflexes

Your city has been occupied by evil forces. Use your impressively powerful weapons to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Be A Hero And Stop The Shark Mafia In Fish Heroes

This game takes the best aspects of catapult-style gaming, and blends them with a fishy theme.

How High Can You Climb In SuperRope?

SuperRope is a cute arcade action game in which you see how high you can climb without falling to your death. The graphics are great and upgrades make this one worthwhile.

Review: Monorace - Racing With Shifting Gravity - Plus Giveaway

It's time to rev the engines of a unicycle, and switch up gravity to make it through complex courses in this new 2D side scroller. Monorace is from Craneballs studios who has brought you Blimp, 33rd Division, and Superfall. Read on to find out if their latest effort is worth it, plus find out how to win a copy.

Craneballs Studios Announces Blimp HD For iPad, Monorace For iPhone

Craneballs Studios have announced two new titles today. A remake of their popular iPhone game, Blimp, for the iPad, and a fast-paced racer for the iPhone and iPod touch titled Monorace.

33rd Division Gets Updated, Plus Lite Version, and Sneak Peek of Next Update - Plus Win a Copy!

33rd Division is a WWII themed line drawing game that we absolutely loved in our review from when it was released. Now after a few weeks the first update was released, and a lite version. Also today the 1.2 update was submitted, screens within. As an added bonus we're giving away three copies of 33rd Division!

Review: 33rd Division - Plus We're Giving Away 4 Copies

33rd Division has finally hit the App Store. We gave you a sneak peek, and now it's time for the in-depth review. It's just another line drawing game, right? Wrong! Guide soldiers to their extraction point, and don't be caught by the enemies. There's a chance to win one of four copies of 33rd Division.

Sneak Peek: 33rd Division - Look Out Harbor Master & Flight Control...Plus Blimp Giveaway

33rd Division is from Craneballs Studios, the makers of Blimp - The Flying Adventures. It is a line drawing game similar to Harbor Master and Flight Control, but amazingly different. Also we're giving away four promo codes for Craneballs Studios other game Blimp - The Flying Adventures.