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Got an iPad Pro? Check out this MFi-compatible games catalog

AfterPad's MFi-compatible games catalog is something iPad Pro owners should bookmark.

Play The Day Away With The Best Solitaire Card Game Apps For iPhone

Find the absolute best apps for playing solitaire on iOS.

Shoot Some Hoops With The Best Basketball Game Apps for iPhone

Enjoy one of the world's great games with a wide range of playing styles.

Apple Launches App Store Games Category For Costa Rica, Qatar

Apple has finally launched iOS games in Costa Rica and Qatar.

AppAdvice Daily: Best New Games - Kid Tripp And Pivvot

On today's show you can see Pivvot and Kid Tripp in action, these are two games you don't want to miss.

Nova Defence Is A Fresh Take On Tower Defense

It's traditional tower defense, with a few new and exciting elements.

Can You Say The Same Thing As Your Friends?

Are you as in-sync with your friends and family as you think you are? Put it to the test in this fun and challenging new word game.

Get Your 'Run' In For The Day Without Breaking A Sweat With These Games

Whether you're up for a challenge or in the mood for adventure, these endless running games will surely deliver!

Cannon Cat Is Here To Save The Day

Timing is everything when you're a cat trying to save some fish from evil.

You'll Want A Dream Catcher For This Game

Hand drawn levels, creative story, and odd monsters. Will this be enough for a tower defense style game on the iPhone?

Splash Into The Fun With Super Lemonade Factory

Although 99 cents might seem high for a cup of lemonade on the street corner, it’s served up as a steal for this game on any iOS device.

Fingle: Multiplayer Finger Gameplay At Its Best

Fingle gives you an excuse to touch another person’s hand.

AppInvasion Has Big Problems And Big Potential

The App Store has all sorts of invaders. There are Space Invaders, Face Invaders, Jelly Invaders, and even Chicken Invaders. Now, Apple's own apps sprout eyes, legs, and tentacles, in order to bring us appInvasion.

GTA III Coming To iPhone And iPad

Rockstar will be releasing the epic open world game, Grand Theft Auto III, to "new generation" iOS devices this fall to celebrate its 10 year anniversary.

Avoid Barrages Of Bullets In rRootage Online HD

Experience a legendary shoot-em-up game that pits you against abstract boss battles in four different game modes. That's rRootage Online HD.

Joypad: Big Screen iOS Gaming - As Long As You've Got An iPhone, iPad And Apple TV

It sounds like a lot to ask for - an iPhone, iPad and an Apple TV. But if you do happen to own all three devices, an app called "Joypad" can allow you to play your favorite iOS games on the "big screen," provided the games' developers implement its API.

How To Easily Hack Your Game Scores

Do you have one of those obnoxious friends who always brags about his Doodle Jump high score? Are you tired of being jealous of that guy who has a Tiny Wings high score you just can't seem to beat? Well, my friend, you've come to the right article. I'm going to show you how to manually change scores, and other attributes, in an iOS app.

Throw A Variety Of Balls To Win Prizes In Toss The Ball

Throw balls with accuracy in this carnival arcade game.

Charge Your Ship And Blast Off Into The Stars To Get Home In Torniko

Torniko is an ingenious physics based puzzle game. The objective is to collect all the stars on each level by flying into them in the required number of tries.

Protect Your Bases To Open A Portal And Go Home In Aliens Vs Humans

Defend your bases against the pesky humans after you try to visit the Earth in peace.

Slash And Charge Your Way Through Ninjas And Their Dogs In Mask Of Ninja

An action arcade game allowing you to unleash your fury by becoming a fierce masked ninja.

Be Prepared To Be Amazed By How Great iDevice Visuals Can Look In Angry Bots

A short and sweet third-person shooter boasting flashy iDevice visuals.

Safeguard Your Pet Fish To Beat The Clock In Kiki Fish

You'll not want to put your iDevice down with this surprisingly fun little game.