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iPad Sales

How to improve Apple iPad sales in 3 simple steps

It's time for Apple to rethink its iPad line.

4 things Apple should do to help kick start iPad sales

While demand for the iPhone continues to skyrocket, tablet sales have actually declined compared to the same time period in 2014.

What about iPad sales?

Tim Cook offers no short-term solutions to improve iPad sales.

Numbers To Consider Ahead Of Apple’s First Quarter FY 2015 Earnings Call

Apple is scheduled to hold its first quarter results conference call on Tuesday, Jan. 27.

Op-Ed: What Apple should do about iPad sales

Apple iPad sales continue to lag. Here's what to do about it.

Apple to announce 4Q 2014 financial results on Oct. 20

We'll soon have a better idea how many new iPhones were sold through the end of September.

Op-Ed: 3 ways to jumpstart Apple iPad sales

Apple continues to see iPad sales fall year over year. Here are three ways they could change this.

Apple's iPad share of the tablet market drops to 25.9 percent

Apple iPad sales and market share continue to drop as the overall market expands.

Numbers to consider ahead of Apple’s third quarter FY2014 earnings call

Apple is scheduled to hold its third quarter results conference call at 2 p.m. PDT.

Little consensus on Apple's iPhone, iPad sales for the third quarter

Apple announces its third quarter earnings on Tuesday, July 22.

Apple's iPad Remains On Top As Tablet Shipments Drop For The Very First Time

Overall tablet sales dropped 5 percent year over year.

Tablet Growth Slows As Apple’s iPad Remains On Top

Apple's share of the worldwide tablet market dropped to 32.5 percent during the March quarter.

Numbers To Consider Ahead Of Apple’s Second Quarter FY2014 Earnings Call

Apple is scheduled to hold its second quarter results conference call at 2 p.m. PDT.

Analysts Predict A Sales Decline For Apple's iPad, Slight Uptick For iPhone

Apple will announce the financial results of its second fiscal quarter on Wednesday, April 23.

Report: Many Were Buying Apple's First Generation iPad During The Holiday Quarter

New data breaks down iPad sales during the holiday quarter.

The End Is Nigh For Tablet Market Growth, IDC Reports

Tablet sales might be growing, but the pace of their growth is definitely slowing, according to IDC.

Apple Leaves Wall Street Unimpressed As Stock Drops In Early Trading

Wall Street doesn't think Apple sold enough iPhones during the holiday quarter.

Numbers To Consider Ahead Of Apple’s First Quarter FY2014 Earnings Call

Apple will announce its latest earnings beginning at 2 p.m. PST.

How High Did iPad Sales Go During The Holiday Quarter?

Apple will announce its first quarter financials on Jan. 27.

This Is A First: Android-Based Tablets Best Apple's iPad In Revenue During Third Quarter

Android-based tablets brought in more revenue than Apple's iPad during the previous quarter.

Here’s Another Reason To Buy An Apple Mobile Device

Apple products are worth much more on the secondary market.