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Kobo Books E-Reading App Turns A New Page, Updated To Version 7.0 For iOS 7

The popular Kobo Books e-reading app has just been updated to version 7.0 for iOS 7.

Kobo Books For iOS Updated With Redesigned Annotations Page And Other Improvements

The new update to the official universal iOS app of the popular online e-bookseller Kobo includes enhancements to a number of its dedicated sections.

Shelf Control: How To Read Your Read-Later Articles In Your Favorite E-Reading App

Wouldn't it be great if you could download your favorite articles as e-books and read them in your favorite e-book reading app?

Latest Chapter In Ongoing Development Of Kobo For iOS Includes Redesigns And More

The popular online e-bookseller Kobo has just released another major update to its own.

Kobo Is Fully Booked For iOS 6 With A Library Of Enhancements

Kobo has recently pushed an update to its official namesake iOS app. As expected, the update brings support for iOS 6, which was released earlier today.

Find A Comfy Nook And Kindle Your Interest In Books With The Newly Updated Kobo

Kobo, the official iOS app of the e-bookseller of the same name, has recently received another significant update.

Kobo For iOS Updated With Support For Illustrated And Enhanced E-Books

Kobo is once again showing Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and, of course, Apple its competitive streak with another major update to its official app for iOS.

Kobo Gets Retina iPad Upgrade To Rival iBooks And Kindle

Kobo for iPad now has Retina text and graphics as well as improved typography and styling.

Apple Needs To Get Out Of The Man Cave With Its iOS App Designs

It’s no secret that Apple spends a lot of time designing the look of their iDevices. Whether it is the iPhone 4S (which is really just the iPhone 4 with better guts inside) or the iPad 2, it’s obvious Jonathan Ive and his team are perfectionists at heart. Apple’s attention to detail, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to extend to its recent app designs. These, in my opinion, just plain suck.

Apple’s Attempt To Siphon Off E-Book Revenues From Others Backfires

Apple's new subscription rules makes it the biggest loser. Here's why.

Now Fully Compliant With Apple's Rules, Google Books App Returns

The Google Books app is once again available in the App Store. And it is now fully compliant with Apple’s new subscription policy.

Depending On Which E-Book Reader App You Use, Today Could Be A Bad Day [Updated]

Apple’s new subscription rules are beginning to have an effect on iPad owners who use the iDevice to read books. While one e-book app has now been eliminated from the App Store, others have been radically changed to comply with the new rules. What’s the status of your favorite e-book reader app? Read on.

The Wall Street Journal & Kobo Fall In-Line With Apple's In-App Subscription Policy

This weekend, it was announced that The Wall Street Journal's iPhone and iPad apps and the universal Kobo e-book app would soon support Apple's in-app subscription policy, suggesting that the Cupertino, CA company is beginning to clamp down on those resisting the change. Following the announcement, Kobo updated its universal app, removing the Kobo Store from within the application. As of this moment, The Wall Street Journal's iOS apps have not been updated.

Kobo E-Reader App Update Is Game Changer

Kobo Inc. has recently updated its universal app of the same name. The newest version includes a section called Reading Life. It includes features which could be game changers in the ever growing e-book reader marketplace.

Leatherbound Makes Comparing E-Book Prices Easy

Among its many uses, the iPad is an excellent e-book reader. No other device on the market lets you download and read e-books from such a wide variety of sources. Now, a new app compares e-book prices among the top three e-reader apps.