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Pandora will offer ad-free music during tomorrow’s 'Listener Love Day'

Starting on Thursday, listeners can purchase a one-day pass to unlock Pandora One benefits.

Pandora CEO claims 'no impact' from Apple Music

The streaming music company was able to beat revenue expectations in its most recent quarterly report.

Rock out with these streaming music services

Streaming music continues to become popular as more companies, including Apple, are jumping into the crowded market.

The problem with SiriusXM Radio's iOS app

It seems like the satellite radio service doesn’t care about its listeners anymore.

Rdio Select takes aim at 'Apple Music' and other competitors

A low-cost new streaming music plan from Rdio could give its competitors a run for their money.

Pandora Radio for iOS updated with support for Apple Watch

Pandora Radio has just updated its official iOS app with support for the Apple Watch.

Pandora details its upcoming Apple Watch app

The app will be available when the watch officially hits the market later this month.

Pandora’s CFO describes Apple as a ‘frenemy’

The company’s Mike Herring did say the popular service will be integrated into CarPlay and the Apple Watch.

Pandora announces major refresh of its iOS app with focus on personalization

The update treats users to “a fresh, evolved design that brings station personalization to the forefront of the listener experience.”

Apple’s Beats Music streaming service lags behind Spotify and Pandora

In September, the two competitors reported more downloads and revenue.

Cydia tweak: OneThumb makes Internet radio station curation much easier

"OneThumb to rule them all" is the idea behind this latest jailbreak tweak.

'Uncarrier' T-Mobile Offers Free Music Streaming, Launches New 'UnRadio' Service

At its "Uncarrier 5.0" event in Seattle, T-Mobile has announced a couple of interesting offers concerning music streaming services.

Pandora Radio’s Alarm Clock Feature Is Now Available For The iPad

The music discovery service has also launched an app for the Pebble smart watch.

Pandora Announces A Price Hike For Its Ad-Free Music Streaming Service

Starting in May, new Pandora One subscribers will pay $4.99 per month.

Apple's iTunes Radio May Soon Be The Second Most-Popular US Music Streaming Service

Apple's iTunes Radio is the third most-popular streaming service in the United States, according to recent data.

Apple's CarPlay Doesn't Integrate With Pandora, But Support Could Be Incoming

Pandora isn't supported by Apple's new CarPlay feature, but integration may arrive later this year.

Pandora Gains Sleep Timer For iPad And Personalized Push Notifications

Pandora Radio for iOS has just received another major update.

Taking On The Likes Of iTunes Radio, Dr. Dre's Beats Music Set To Launch On Jan. 21

Beats Music is all set to take on the likes of iTunes Radio, Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio.

Spotify Update Brings Free Music To iOS Users

The streaming service has officially introduced its answer to iTunes Radio and Pandora.

Wake Up To Your Favorite Stations Using Pandora Radio's New Alarm Clock Feature

Pandora Radio has just received a long-awaited update that brings not only a refreshed design for iOS 7 but also a much-requested new feature.

Surprise: iTunes Radio Doesn't Seem To Be A Pandora-Killer, After All

Pandora has seen its user base increase - rather than decrease - following the launch of iTunes Radio.

Twitter #Music, We Hardly Knew Ye: Once-Popular Mobile App Could Be Killed Off

Twitter #music's days are numbered, according to a recent report.