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Apple Pay: a primer for new users

Learn how to enable and seamlessly use this nifty tool.

AppAdvice Daily: How to use Apple Pay and an app that finds stores that accept it

Use Apple Pay with our how-to guide, plus we have an app to make finding stores that accept it super easy.

Apple Pay setup screen surfaces in second beta version of iOS 8.1

Further evidence pointing toward the launch of Apple Pay alongside iOS 8.1 has just been discovered.

Apple seeks trademark for new Passbook icon in iOS 8

The new icon reflects the addition of Apple Pay in iOS 8.

What we expect from Apple’s Sept. 9 event

Apple is planning a huge event for tomorrow, Sept. 9.

Apple's iTunes Pass launches in the United States and Australia

Apple's iTunes Pass is in the process of rolling out internationally.

Apple introduces 'iTunes Pass' in Japan, lets customers top-up iTunes credit using Passbook

Apple has debuted its new Passbook-powered "iTunes Pass" service in Japan.

Virgin Atlantic Is Considering iBeacons For London's Heathrow Airport

Virgin Atlantic is planning on bringing iBeacons to London's Heathrow airport, according to a recent report.

Burger King Is Adding Mobile Payments To All US Stores In 'A Few Months'

Burger King is set to launch a smartphone-powered mobile payment system in the coming months.

Starwood Hotels Is Set To Offer Mobile Check-Ins To Guests

The new check-in service could go nationwide later this year.

Flint Mobile's Latest Update Brings Passbook Support, Online Card Payments And More

Flint Mobile has received a major update to version 2.0.

Apple Enables Passbook Gift Cards In The Apple Store App For International Countries

Passbook-powered gift cards have reached international Apple Store app users.

Brits Get Passbook Support In Updated Marks And Spencer iPhone App

Marks and Spencer has just updated its iPhone app adding Passbook support and more.

Apple Officially Granted Trademark For 'Passbook'

Apple has been officially granted a trademark for the term "Passbook."

Et Voilà! Passbook Added To Air France Mobile

Air France Mobile has received an update adding Passbook support.

Second Gear Reveals The Icon For Its Upcoming App Via Passbook

The Elements developer is teasing an unnamed app with a so-called PitPass.

American Airlines Updates Its iOS App With Passbook Improvements

Version 2.4 also makes it easier for filers to contact the airline’s Twitter support team.

Passbook Continues To Grow In UK As Subway Updates Its SUBCARD App

Subway frequenters in the United Kingdom can now purchase their 6-inch subs from an iPhone's Passbook.

British Airways For iPhone Gets Passbook Support In Latest Update

British Airways is the latest in a long line of services to utilize Apple's built-in Passbook service.

Alaska Airlines Adds Passbook Support And More In Latest Update

Alaska Airlines is the latest airline to add Passbook support to its iPhone application.

Elements Developer Teases New App Using Apple's Passbook

The developer Second Gear has thought up an innovative new way of announcing news concerning its forthcoming iOS app using Apple's Passbook.

Passbook-Integrated Event Ticketing Is About To Get Better Thanks To Startup Tito

Tito is an event management startup that offers easy ticketing options via Apple's Passbook.

Rekindle Your Relationship With Passbook: Here's How

Remember Passbook? Well it's time to pull out that virtual wallet and actually use it.