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Demand for the iPhone 6s is being met better than ever

Even with higher sales, Cupertino is meeting demand for the iPhone 6s better than it did with its predecessors.

Go mobile with your business using these point of sale iOS apps

Replace your cash register with these apps for your iDevice.

Apple features Nickelodeon apps and games on $0.99 sale on the App Store

Now's your chance to get a number of Nickelodeon titles for just a dollar apiece.

Mathematical! Apple features Cartoon Network games on $0.99 sale on the App Store

Cartoon Network has put some of its iOS games on sale for just $0.99 each.

Sale alert: Panzer Corps, Frozen Synapse and more great games get discounted

The App Store is playing host to a surprise sale starring six popular games.

Target Is Offering The First-Gen iPad mini From $199 As Part Of Its Father's Day Sale

Target has knocked $100 off the price of Apple's iPad mini for Father's Day.

Target To Offer Olympic-Size Deals On New iOS Devices Beginning Sunday, Feb. 9

Beginning Sunday, you can get some great deals on iOS devices at Target.

Foxconn Enjoys 41 Percent Profit Increase Thanks To Apple's iPhone

Thanks to strong iPhone sales, Foxconn saw impressive net profit during Q2 2013.

Take Your Business On The Road With These Apps

No longer do you have to be tied down to a checkout counter with these apps!

Boxing Day Deals

Put your boxing gloves on and get ready to fight for some deals.

A Serving Of Savings Awaits You At

As their Thanksgiving and Black Friday contribution, is offering a discount just for being an AppAdvice reader.

Black Friday Must Have Apps

Make sure you don't miss out on any Black Friday deals, and stay on top of your finances all at the same time with today's apps!

Our Top iOS Cyber Monday Deals

For the sixth year in a row, many U.S. retailers are taking part in Cyber Monday, considered by many to be the top online shopping day of the year. AppAdvice is here to help you find incredible tech deals on this day for your iDevice. Here are some of the best we have found, and we'll keep updating this post as we find out more!

ShopAdvisor Will Let You Know When There Is A Sale

ShopAdvisor is an app that lets you shop from the convenience of your own home, or anywhere else you may be. You can compare prices and watch for sales from anywhere in the world.

Find All The Best Deals With Sales Locator

SaleLocator is a new GPS enabled app that allows users to find local sales and discounts. If you’re looking for a simple, location based reference app with directions and information on all the best deals in town, this is a handy app to have.

Analyst: iPads Will Outsell Macs By 2012

Could the iPad outsell Macs by 2012? Every iDevice so far has managed to achieve this feat within a couple of years. Now, analyst Daniel ("Deagol") Tello has projected the iPad's sales. His investigation highlights 2012 as being the year Apple's iPad overtakes Mac sales. Read on to find out more, and to check out the results of Tello's investigation...

Apple Expected To See Greater Profits Ahead

While Apple definitely hasn't suffered in the current economy, it appears that the future is even brighter for what was an underdog tech company less than 10 years ago.

The App Store By The Numbers

While it is obvious the App Store is a resounding success, it is interesting to see how it stacks up against other mobile app markets.

AT&T Posts Amazing Earnings On The Back Of iPhone

AT&T recently released a very positive third-quarter earnings statement. The reason given for such positive results will likely come as no surprise to readers of this site.

One Of The Most Popular Mac Apps Makes It To The iPhone And iPad

Business people everywhere can now run a company from the palm of their hand. FileMaker Pro, the database software popular with Mac users, has finally brought its amazing functionality and design to the iDevice market with FileMaker Go.

Apple's Q3 Sales Numbers Are In - Great Results & Amazing Upcoming Products

Tonight, Apple issued a press release and held their third quarter financial results conference call. And, as now seems usual with Apple, they appear to be virtually printing money.

Where's The White Wonder?

Steve Jobs has announced that we will see the elusive white iPhone 4 at the end of the month, but how many will be available and why did it take so long?

Corporations Seeing Value In The iPad

While the iPhone has never taken hold with corporations like the BlackBerry has, it appears that the iPad is a different story. Considered by many to be little more than a toy, many companies are seeing much greater value in the iPad.

Apple: 1 Million iPads & 200,000 Apps - It's Magic

iPad are selling like hotcakes apparently as according to Apple, the first million units has already hit the market.